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Subject: Re: Some unrelated, quite weird, questions
Author: Pie   (Authenticated as Pie)
Date: January 28, 2013 at 5:31:12 AM
Reply to: Some unrelated, quite weird, questions by AnastasiaE
V curious as to why you want to know!
I have worn jim-jams in various non-bedroom situations:
a) when taking a life-saver swimming badge (can't remember exactly but think we had to tread water for five minutes in them)
b) on camp-sites when going to the shower block in the mornings (trouser-legs always get wet from running over the grass)
c) in hospital (this always feels vaguely embarrassing)
but never just to walk down the street. If I saw someone on the street in pyjamas I'd assume there was something wrong, like the poor old lady in a nighty I saw on a bus in Cardiff once who had escaped from a Home, and had to be retrieved by police.

Re pet food: I tried a Bonio (dog biscuit) once when I was little and very bored. It was gluey and horrible and nearly broke my teeth! Can't say I'd recommend it.

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