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Subject: Re: Ask a question
Author: Parfaitcheri   (Authenticated as sarinvae)
Date: January 28, 2013 at 11:13:39 AM
Reply to: Re: Ask a question by vigdis
1. Not really. But that's OK, I'm ridiculously happy lately. Actually, if you count that I made delicious brownie sundaes yesterday and I was happy because even though they weren't healthy, they were as healthy as a brownie sundae can get. And yea that was pretty good even though I'm the one who made everything lol.

2. I'm not reading anything right now. I'm just in one of those moods where I don't feel like reading lately. It happens every few months or so. I'll marathon four or five series of books at once and then I just need a break.

3. I'm excited for so many things! Summer first of all. Because I love the warm and because my summer clothes are super cute. Then I'm excited because in fall like four video games that I want are coming out. Not that I can afford them until the go down in price but I can read all the spoilers and watch the videos and it will be awesome. And I'm excited because one of my favourite shows is on tonight lol. Oh and we're dog sitting next week and even though he's old and blind and can barely walk I can't wait to love him and take care of him because I want a dog so bad.

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