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Subject: Re: Ask a question
Author: Hola123   (Authenticated as Hola123)
Date: January 28, 2013 at 12:50:04 PM
Reply to: Re: Ask a question by Parfaitcheri
1. I'm nearly 5'2, but not quite.

2. If asked politely and out of genuine interest and not confusion/disapproval, then no I don't think it's offensive. I'm saying this as someone who does want kids, so perhaps those who don't want kids would be offended (personally I don't see why they should be).

3. Well, it's difficult. There are a lot of people in this world who really do have good things just fall into their lap, I don't care what anyone says. We like to think that hard work = good reward, but that often isn't the case. Some people are just privileged. It's really not fair that person A is born into a relatively wealthy family with a business that he/she joins by default, and person B is born into drug-ridden poverty, forced to work 10x as hard just to make ends meet. I think some people look at the injustices in the world and just get fed up with it all. It's not always that they're entitled, they're just wishing for a better circumstance to randomly appear (not a good state to be in). I think a lot of people think that even if they work hard, it still won't pay off so they don't even try and too often that is actually the case. What really bothers me is when privileged people claim they've worked hard in life, and look down on poorer people for "not working as hard".

So, yes it sort of bothers me but at the same time, I understand why people are like that.

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