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Subject: Re: Ask a question
Author: Parfaitcheri   (Authenticated as sarinvae)
Date: January 28, 2013 at 1:15:14 PM
Reply to: Re: Ask a question by Hola123
Ok so I totally get what you're saying in reference to #3. And I agree some people are privileged and get things with no work and some people will work hard all their lives and nothing good ever comes for them. And that's totally unfair. That's why I said 'most of the time' in reference to the reap what you sow shenanigans.

The type of people I'm talking about aren't either of those people. They're people who don't do anything because they expect thing to fall into their lap. While I think that being privileged and being entitled are two different things, I know a disgustingly large amount of privileged people who do feel entitled. In general though. I don't mean people who work hard and get nothing but really desperately want something, nor do I mean people who actually do get things whether they work hard or not. I mean people who do nothing and whether or not they actually get something isn't part of it, its people who feel like they deserve regardless of their actual state of being.

The best way I can explain this is via this guy who is friends with my friends. I cannot stand him and will forever rant about him but I can't really avoid him since he hangs out with my friends (and I find it immature to avoid a social situation because one person is going to be there). Anyway, he is basically just a shitfuck of a human being. One of the biggest reasons I hate him can be boiled down to the fact that he just doesn't offer the world anything useful. And that sounds harsh but its true. He does not bring anything to the table of the world or a relationship or whatever, yet he still thinks that he is entitled to x, y and z.

One of his biggest issues is how girls don't like him. Which is for many reasons but included in that is that he doesn't have anything to offer in a relationship. He has sadly misogynistic views (he's a 'nice guy' which I can explain if you don't know what that is) and he doesn't do anything. He get hammered just about every day, his family is extremely wealthy and gave him a job that he messed up on so now he works at Home Depot one day a week (working at HD is not a bad thing, working there one day a week and mooching off your mom the other six is). He's two or three years older than me and still hasn't graduated college because he just dicks around all day and he really has zero direction in his life. And his personality in general is pretty self-centered and selfish, all my friends agree so I'm not sure why they still hang out with him but whatever. Again its harsh, but he doesn't offer anything useful in a relationship. He brings nothing meaningful into the world. And yet he still sits there expecting love to just fall into his lap. He expects that 'someone should love me for me' and refuses to try and better himself.

But my whole, personal, view of the world, is that if you don't have anything to offer, if you don't bring anything, then you're useless. And it doesn't have to be money or whatever, just something that contributes to any relationship in a symbiotic way. But he, is a parasite, and still feels like he's entitled to a good job and a girlfriend and a nice house and all that. But it makes me mad because its like, you don't deserve any of those things because you don't expect to have to do anything to receive them.

And I recognize that we all do that to some extent, but with some people, its like its their whole life is just like they feel like they are entitled to something and they're just gonna sit idly by in their armchair waiting for it to come along and then cry when it doesn't.

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