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Subject: Re: Ask a question
Author: Idony   (Authenticated as Idony.)
Date: January 28, 2013 at 1:52:56 PM
Reply to: Re: Ask a question by Norah
1. Nature via nurture for sure. What we are is a lot to do with our genotype and all the epigenetic stuff, but it's the environment that determines the phenotypes we express.

2. I'm a bit bitter and twisted because I've been studying for too long and it's still about a year until I submit my thesis. I do think it's good to have tertiary education and I think it's good to study something that you enjoy and have some chance of succeeding at. But if you're not planning on becoming an academic (which I would only do if you can't possibly imagine doing anything else), at least taking into account what career you'd like to go into might be quite a good idea.

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