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Subject: Re: Ask a question
Author: vigdis   (guest,
Date: January 29, 2013 at 3:38:05 PM
Reply to: Re: Ask a question by Caroline
I am learning to accept it. I'm overweight and I will probably never be thin. I eat well, I exercise but I have hypothyroidism and genetics against me. I'd actually started losing weight and did really well - until my thyroid went wonky and weight came back on. Not of all, thankfully, but enough that I was upset. I finally made the decision to stop caring. I'm healthy. I have no issues with blood pressure or cholesterol or blood sugar. So what if I'm heavy and I have cellulite? What I owe to myself, my family and my husband is to be healthy - not to obsess over photos, rip them up, cry when I look in the mirror - that is the BS my mom fed me about being 'thin' and looking right. I'd rather focus on the positives - lovely hair, great skin, beautiful face - then focus on the negatives. The best quote I read recently is that you don't owe beauty to anyone, not even yourself. With society women feel that they need to be beautiful, that they need to fit into some mold. I'm sick of it and I quit. First I did this with clothes - I stopped trying to be trendy and stay updated. Instead I went pretty classic and wear clothes that look good on me, fit my body and make me feel good. I might not be trendy but I look more than presentable. Then I stopped wearing make-up most of the time - I really only need it when I'm very pale. There are also somethings I will never quit - I shave and I always will. I pluck my eyebrows. I don't go out of the house looking like a slob. But that is to make me happy, no one else. It's a long road and one I'm still struggling with, but I'm learning.

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