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Subject: Re: 2 truths & a Lie.
Author: Petra   (Authenticated as curiouslystrong)
Date: January 30, 2013 at 12:09:58 AM
Reply to: 2 truths & a Lie. by Kelsey
1. When I was a kid, my brother convinced me to jump off the landing of the stairs leading up to our back door (off the side of the landing, from the far side of the railing, toward the back yard; it's probably 6-7 feet off the ground). I ended up breaking a bone in my foot.

2. I have a dent in my head. At a rough estimate, I'd say it's about an inch across and two inches long, though that's a really rough estimate.

3. You know how some people can do tricks with their tongues where they can roll them around and make them do the wave or fold them up into awesome shapes? Yeah, I can make my tongue into a butt.

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