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Subject: Re: A mood survey, if you want to call it that...
Author: vigdis   (guest,
Date: January 30, 2013 at 5:42:47 PM
Reply to: A mood survey, if you want to call it that... by Billina
1. What is your mood today?
Sleepy but accomplished.

2. Is there anything in particular that made you feel this way?
I cleaned the entire kitchen today, completely. Took everything out of the kitchen, took everything off the baker's rack and our other rack, cleaned them both, got rid of food we were never going to use / that was old. Cleaned out the fridge. Wiped down cupboards. Scrubbed the floor. It was fantastic.

3. Do you think you will feel any different tomorrow
No. I'm taking on the linen closet and bathroom tomorrow, along with the bathroom. The only thing I hate is how exhausted I am by the end of the day, especially as I'm still getting energy back.

Note: We're getting ready to move, so I'm just getting an early start. Getting rid of things, cleaning, etc is best done at least a month before the move, two is better.

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