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Subject: Re: A mood survey, if you want to call it that...
Author: Ludwig   (Authenticated as blaaarg)
Date: January 31, 2013 at 1:00:56 PM
Reply to: A mood survey, if you want to call it that... by Billina
1. What is your mood today?

2. Is there anything in particular that made you feel this way?
IDK EVERYTHING IS GOOD FOR SOME REASON I Dont understand why my mood is so un-deflatable but I just haven't been in a bad mood in ages.

3. Do you think you will feel any different tomorrow?
It would be weird if I didn't, because I'm auditioning for the program I realyl want a big fat scholarship for in the morning... but right now I don't even feel NERVOUS!

Dude I'm SO MERRY. I'm sitting here at the detroit airport watching the snow swirl around and knowing that I didn't pack clothes nearly warm enough, and that I haven't planned a ride to Ann Arbor or gotten a hotel or anything, and I'm just, like, stupidly happy. I feel like just skipping around and singing. No reason! It's probably b/c I've been listening to the magic flute.

Also for the past week or so everyone I see has been totally attractive to me for some reason. Except like 1/50 people. Shrug!

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