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Subject: Re: Fishies
Author: mirfak   (Authenticated as mirfak)
Date: February 2, 2013 at 9:48:27 AM
Reply to: Fishies by ChristinaCarter
Danios, small ~1" tetras such as black neon, cardinal tetras. White Cloud Mountain Minnow, if it's an unheated tank in a cool room. You can probably put five 1" fish and they'd be happy.
I'm under the impression that neon tetras are picky about water and easy to kill with stress. Maybe not. I have never tried them because that's what I heard.
Maybe guppies? I've always wanted to try them, they're pretty. Don't know if they are difficult though.
Zebra danios - the ordinary ones with short fins and blue stripes, not the frankenfish that glow or the longfinned ones - are my favorite small fish. Maybe some people might think they're boring, but I think they're the coolest. They are not too demanding as far as aquarium maintenance. They look best with natural-colored aquarium decor though, where they are the flashiest thing in there. If you have bright colored decor you probably want more colorful fish or black fish.

- mirfak

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