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Subject: Re: test
Author: Rachael   (guest,
Date: December 10, 2011 at 1:26:54 PM
Reply to: test by Rachael
Child(ren) living with you (names, ages, interests, disabilities): 7 (all adopted)
-Misaki Sakura, age 13, adopted from Japan at birth, likes art, reading, writing, sports, esp. soccer and lacrosse, gymnastics, and piano
-David Eitan, age 12, adopted from Israel at 6, likes math, science, reading, computers, hockey, and piano
-Dalia Amara, age 11, adopted from Senegal at 1, likes reading, sports, esp. soccer, baseball and basketball, science, manga/anime, drawing, painting, and running (or track)
-Nicoletta Rosalia , age 9, adopted from Italy at birth, likes magazines, reading, TV, clothes, dance, cheer and music
-Lucas Humbert "Luke", age 8, adopted from France at 2, likes reading, movies, superheroes, hockey, and the drums.
-Guido Pasquale, age 7, adopted from Italy at age 1, likes superheroes, reading, coloring, kickball, soccer, and travelling.
-Maxim Aleksandr "Max, age 6, adopted from Russia earlier this year, likes trucks, reading, and sitting outside. He is very quite, we are taking him for testing in case he has a disorder. Please note; he speaks very little English, no Italian, and no French (so we waited to test him), just Russian, really

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