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Placeholder names for people include Иван Ivan Драган Dragan and Петкан Petkan used in this order Ivan is the most common Bulgarian name while the other two are quite old fashioned names Петър Петров Petar Petrov is most commonly used to describe an ordinary person with nothing interesting to note about Time that is never to come is expressed as на Куково лято in Cuco s summer на Куков ден at Cuco s day Cuco is not a human name and therefore there is no such name day so the two expressions are quite close in meaning to on the Greek calends or when pigs begin to fly на Върба в сряда on Palm Sunday in The particle mǒu Chinese 某 often forms part of a placeholder It occurs as a prefix of generic nouns e g 某人 some person perhaps with an intervening measure word e g 某一場演出 a certain show ot substituing people s actual names e g 李某 Li Something Zhang San simplified Chinese 张三 traditional Chinese 張三 Zhang Three Li Si Chinese 李四 Li Four and Wang Wu Chinese 王五 Wang Five are common Chinese placeholder names Occasionally Lu Er simplified Chinese 陆二 traditional Chinese 陸二 Lu Two Zhao Liu simplified Chinese 赵六 traditional Chinese 趙六 Zhao Six and Sun Qi simplified Chinese 孙七 traditional Chinese 孫七 Sun Seven and Wang Ermazi Chinese 王二麻子 Wang the Second Pockmark are also used when more than three placeholder names are needed Zhang Li Wang Zhao and Sun are among the most common Chinese surnames In Hong Kong another two placeholder names Wong Siu Ming Chinese 王小明 and Chan Tai Man Chinese 陳大文 are also used For persons týpek placeholder word is becoming increasingly popular in slang among young people etc Where a name is expected Jan Novák is often used In Danish a common placeholder word is dims derived from German Dings used for small unspecified objects gadgets Other placeholders for objects are dingenot dimsedut dibbedut huddelifut himstregims and tingest all probably stemming from dims Sager lit stuff and grej lit gear Backwards places in the countryside are called Lars Tyndskids marker lit The fields of Lars Diarrhea which is similarly pronounced word play on an earlier form Lars tøndeskiders marker lit The fields of Lars the barrel shitter a reference to areas in the countryside where Lars the farmer has to relieve himself on a The equivalent of John Doe for an unspecified but not an unidentified person is Jan Jansen Jansen being one of the most common Dutch surnames while Jan Modaal John Average is the average consumer and Jan Publiek John Public and Jan met de pet John with the cap the man in the street The Dutch name for an unspecified person is sometimes said to be Jef Van Pijperzele though most people just use Jan Jansen instead Jef is a common pet form of Jozef Another pet form is Jos The average couple may used to be Mieke en Janneke Molly and Johnny In Wilders introduced Henk en Ingrid as to Sint Juttemis is used as a nonsensical date meaning never even though it may be derived from a real saint s day Als pasen en pinksteren op één dag vallen When Easter and Pentecost fall on the same day is also used for never Placeholders for people include Juan Dela Cruz the representative of the everyman and the negative Hudas for people considered treacherous Placeholders for people include the ubiquitous Matti Meikäläinen male and Maija Meikäläinen female and the relatively less common Anna Malli literally Anna the Model but can also be understood as Give me an example Tauno Tavallinen Tauno the Ordinary or Veijo Luuseri Veijo the Loser In official Meikäläinen means literally one of us one of our side but sounds similar to a genuine Finnish surname many of which end in lainen läinen Sometimes Totti Teikäläinen teikäläinen means one of you people one of your side can be used where a contrast to Matti Meikäläinen is needed The names Matti Virtanen and Ville Virtanen is sometimes also used because they are said to combine the most common first names and surnames however they are also real names for this reason The common nouns tyyppi type kaveri friend and joku someone may be used as placeholders for persons Kaveri is used especially in contact sports and somewhat ironically of troublemakers in security slang or in other contexts where the friend is a complete stranger and is not acting very friendly can be found in Pippurlandia which translates as pepper land as far as the pepper grows Other places whose actual coordinates are unknown and obscure but which clearly are far away are Hornantuutti chute of Hell Huitsin Nevada Vinku Intia Whine India and Hevonkuusi Horse s Spruce cf in the sticks Obscurity in time can be expressed as viidestoista päivä fifteenth day Tuohikuussa pukinpäivän aikaan refers to an obscure future date literally at Buck s day on Barkember Nappisodan aikaan at the time of the button wars refers to something that happened a long time ago Another commonly used term is Des Des patates some potatoes slang and Des brouettes some wheel barrows are variations of Des poussières in increasing amounts Pierre Paul Jacques or Pierre Jean Jacques is used to designate anyone and everyone at the same time in the third person in an informal context The very common Jean Dupont is used the same way as John Doe is in English Les Dupont Durand are the average extended family they could also be a couple looking for a bargain e g buying an apartment La veuve de Carpentras the widow from Carpentras a city in southern France is the archetypal absolute bear customer in stock exchange literature Pierre et Paul are common characters in jokes They re often used in mathematical literature about probabilistic theory many problems begin with Pierre et Paul jouent aux dés Peter and Paul are throwing dice The main schools for this science were the French one and the Russian one Piotr and Pavel are very In France Tombouctou genuine town name in Mali Among French people of North African origin Pieds Noirs Foun Tataouine is the generic village possibly from the village of that name in Tunisia The Star Wars planet Tatooine most probably owns its name from the same village as many scenes were filmed nearby Jandaba is an indefinite placename for an unspecified and assumed to be remote location in Georgia For years Georgian Mameluks governed Afghanistan and had established a few kingdoms in India which was the most eastern point of Mameluk settlement Here in India there was a great town known as Jeihan edit German It has been suggested that Erika Mustermann be merged into this article or section Discuss Proposed since May German also sports a variety of placeholders some as in English contain the element Dings Dingens also Dingenskirchen Dingsda Dingsbums cognate with English thing Also Kram Krimskrams Krempel suggests a random heap of small items e g an unsorted drawful of memorabilia or souvenirs Apparillo may be used for any kind of machinery or technical equipment origin Apparat In a slightly higher register Gerät represents a miscellaneous artifact or utensil or in casual German may also refer to an item of remarkable size The use of the word Teil part is a relatively recent placeholder in German that has gained great The German equivalent to the English John Doe for males and Jane Doe for females would be Max Mustermann Max Specimen and Erika Mustermann respectively For the former Otto Normalverbraucher from Otto Normal regular gasoline i e Otto Standardconsumer is also widely known Fritz or Fritzchen is often used in jokes as a placeholder for a mischievous little boy little Johnny In similar vein there is Onkel Fritz lit Uncle Fred There is also Krethi und Plethi or Hinz und Kunz for everybody similar to the English Tom Dick and Harry if not in a slightly more derogatory way For many years Erika Mustermann has been used on the sample picture of German ID cards “Personalausweis” In Austria Max Mustermann is used instead Sometimes the term Musterfrau is used as the last name placeholder possibly because it is felt to be more politically correct genderwise When referring to an Average Joe the names Otto Normalverbraucher and Lieschen Müller female are commonly used corresponding to the American The Joneses Otto Normalverbraucher is taken from bureaucratic jargon of post World War II food rationing via the name of a film character played by Gert Fröbe while the name Lieschen Müller became popular in the year due to the movie Der Traum von Lieschen Müller Military jargon also includes Jäger Dosenkohl Haumichblau lit Infantryman Tin Can Cabbage Beat Me Up as a derogatory placeholder for the name of a poorly performing recruit In Cologne Otto which can also refer to a gadget and Gerdi are popular used names for men boys and women girls with unknown first names Bert also had some popularity as a placeholder for names in the past For remote or exotic locations Germans use Timbuktu Buxtehude Walachei the Wallachia Dort wo der Pfeffer wächst There where the pepper grows as is also known in the English language For towns or villages in the German speaking world Kuhdorf or Kuhkaff or just Kaff lit cow village somewhat derogatory and Kleinkleckersdorf lit Little Messy Village Kleinsiehstenich lit Little you don t see it Hintertupfing Hintertupfingen usually implies that some small rural and old fashioned village is meant or Dingenskirchen Ding is German for thing and kirchen is a common ending of village names which is derived from Kirche meaning church in Austria Hinterdupfing is also used Herr X aus Y an der Z which derives from usage in newspapers is used occasionally Other terms such as Bad Sonstwo an der Irgend lit Somewhere Else Spa on the Whatever river have been suggested For remote and rural places there is also the term Wo Fuchs und Hase sich gute Nacht sagen lit where fox and hare tell each other good night The abbreviation JWD pronounced yot veh deh short for ganz weit draußen in a Berlin accent that replaces G with J means very far away it is used for remote towns or suburbs far from the city center Da Kine In Hebrew the word זה zeh meaning this is a placeholder used in place of any noun The most popular personal name placeholders are מה שמו mahshmo or whatsisname thus Tell mahshmo to put the zeh on the zeh מֹשֶׁה Moshe Moses and יוֹסִי Yossi diminutive form of Joseph for first name and כֹהֵן Cohen the most popular last name in Israel for last name However in ID and credit card samples the usual name is Israel Israeli for a man and Israela Israeli for a woman these are actual first and last names similar to John and Jane Doe It s also common in Hebrew slang to refer to a person s family members mostly female ones for example in sexual connotation אמא שלך Ima shelcha your mother or אחותך Achotcha your sister The traditional terms are Ploni פלוני and his party Almoni אלמוני originally mentioned in Ruth Ploni Almoni also is used in official contemporary situations For example addressing guidelines by Israel postal authorities utilize Ploni Almoni as the addressee A vulgar term for an unspecified place mostly popular in the Israel army is פִיזְדֶלוֹך pizdelokh formed from the Russian pizda and the German and Yiddish Loch hole Also quite common is תיז א נביא Tiz e Nabi “the prophet’s ass” from Arabic עזאזל azazel although originally the name of a demon and again Timbuktu A kadigan for a time in the far past is תרפפ ו pronounced Tarapapu which somewhat resembles a year in the Hebrew calendar but is not quite one A snappish remark when someone is asked for the time would be רבע לתיק תק Reva letik tak a quarter to tick tack tick tack being a synecdoche for a clock Especially older Ashkenazi speakers often employ the Yiddish placeholders Chaim Yankel and Moishe Zugmir Buzaglo a typical Moroccan Jewish last name is a placeholder for a simple lower class citizen The term Buzaglo test was coined by then Attorney General Aharon Barak in the s for the proposition that In Hindi Amuk as a universal placeholder for place name or thing agla placeholder for a third person Janu Jaan for beloved are common placeholders Jhumri Telaiya झूमरी तलैया Jhumri Tilaiya a mining town situated in Jharkhand India was famous owing to its connection with Vividh Bharati a national radio broadcast A large number of song requests on the Vividh Bharati programmes would come from Jhumri Telaiya however many used to John Smith US John Doe is the same in Hungarian Kovács János or Gipsz Jakab John Smith or Jake Gypsum or Jakob Gipsch with given name last the Hungarian standard Samples for forms credit cards etc usually contain the name Minta János John Sample There is no single name that is widely accepted but the name of Indonesian first president Sukarno can be found in many articles Sukarno being a Javanese name that s representing about of the Indonesian population and the fact that his name is one worded see Indonesian name make it popular as example Other male names Joni Indonesian for Johnny and Budi widely used in elementary textbook Popular female placeholder names Sinta Sri Dewi In Irish the common male name Tadhg is part of the very old phrase Tadhg an mhargaidh Tadhg of the market place which combines features of the English languages phrases average Joe and man on the street The generic person can also be called Seán Ó Rudaí Sean O Something from rud thing Additional persons can be introduced by using other first names and inflecting the family name according to normal Irish conventions for personal names such as Síle Uí Rudaí Sheila O Something for a married or elder woman and Aisling Ní Rudaí for a young or unmarried woman This same placeholder name transferred to English language usage and now usually rendered as Taig became and remains a vitriolic derogatory term for an Irish Catholic and has been used by Unionists in Northern Ireland in such bloodthirsty slogans as If guns are made for shooting then skulls are made to crack Paddy another derogatory placeholder name for an Irish person lacks the sharpness of Taig and is often used in a jocular context or incorporated into mournful pro Irish sentiment i e the songs Poor Paddy On The Railway and Paddy s Lament By contrast the term Taig remains a slur in almost every context Biddy from the name Bridget is a female equivalent placeholder name for Irish females an example of which is The Irish Rover in the words Yer man Mick McCann from the banks of the Bann tipa colloquial and una respectively In the Venice area one can say Piero Pers Peter the Lost to refer to an unknown person Mario Rossi is a generic placeholder for people especially in examples where first name and family name should appear like in credit cards advertising Mario Rossi is formed coupling one of the most used male first names in Italy with one of the most frequent family names In information technology especially in textbooks a placeholder name for variables is pippo Disney s Goofy a second variable can be named pluto and a third one topolino Mickey Mouse Oddly enough names of characters from Duckburg are much less often used Alle calende greche on Greek kalends which did not exist in the Greek calendar un domani a tomorrow sine die Latin for without a day and other similar expressions mean never Ad ogni morte di papa at every death of a pope means very rarely Il giorno di San Mai St Never s Day or il febbraio on February the th literally where the Lord has lost his shoes and dove ha perso la camicia Cristo where Christ has lost his shirt Hong Gildong a male name is commonly used as a placeholder name in instructions for filling out forms In Latin the word res thing is used Some Latin legal writers used the name Numerius Negidius as a John Doe placeholder name this name was chosen in part because it shares its initials with the Latin phrases often abbreviated in manuscripts to NN nomen nescio I don t know the name nomen nominandum F

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