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Subject: my name
Author: Improudofwhoiam   (Authenticated as Improudofwhoiam)
Date: May 26, 2012 at 8:31:07 AM
i've seen people commenting saying the name sierra is ugly and it reminds them of sierra leone and what not listen to this it means mountain range because the mountain ranges are beautiful and i bet you would be mad if someone was making fun of your name and giving you a taste of your own medicine if you don't like it don't search it and make fun of it also think about the feelings of other people and you know there are so many names that are named after states countries cities i bet some of your names are named after places but you don't even know such as
savannah olivia
and much more yes i do my research so don't hate this name because its named after alot of stuff like sodas countries and mountains your name might be named after something also so shuttt uppppppp. If you don't like the name oh well you won't stop other people from naming there childrin that its a beautiful name.

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