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KERENSA  added 3/30/2017, 7:35:47 AM by kerensap
My name is Kerensa. My mom named me after a Victoria Holt book. When I was in school I went by Keri because children consistently made fun of my name & it didn't come easy for them to pronounce. But I don't think it is that hard to pronounce.

I absolutely love my name and have only met 1 other Kerensa in real life. I don't think it sounds old lady like & absolutely love my name.

I also hate it when people pronounce it with a z. At the end it should sound like "suh".
-- kerensap  3/30/2017
BELLA  added 3/30/2017, 6:06:09 AM by Anonymous User
My name is Bella and I love my name, I've never even heard of twilight before
-- Anonymous User  3/30/2017
ERIC  added 3/30/2017, 1:16:02 AM by QueenNeferTamy
This has always been my favorite male name and when I used to contemplate having human children I always said I'd name my son, if I had one, Eric. I know the one with the k-ending spelling is more popular but I highly dislike it. But what really is an eyesore to me is the ck-ending spelling. That's atrocious and unnecessary. Eric with a c looks so classy, gentlemanly, strong, and what a courageous boy or young man would suit bearing accordingly. Now that I've decided I won't be having kids, I'll either name one of my cats in the future Eric or a character in one my stories will be an Eric.
-- QueenNeferTamy  3/30/2017
AMINTA  added 3/30/2017, 1:02:43 AM by QueenNeferTamy
This is my mom's name and it is somewhat popular in Nicaragua, my mom's native country, and a vastly female name there. In fact, a popular public figure in Nicaragua is Aminta Granera - National Police Chief and the only woman who is a senior public security official in Latin America.
-- QueenNeferTamy  3/30/2017
TAMARA  added 3/30/2017, 12:32:44 AM by QueenNeferTamy
This is my name and though I now couldn't picture myself not being named Tamara, this name has given me numerous headaches when attempting to correct people's pronunciation, vastly Anglophones. They have a way of converting the middle a into an e which makes it sound Tah-Mare-ah and that is bad. I guess that's why some of the above don't think too much of it because English kills this name and that's the root of the problem. I find my name very elegant and strong its not being too common an advantage. In Spanish, Tamara sounds way better and captures the classy, strong and feminine ring of it. And contrary to those above, I like being called Tamy every once and then, though I like it written with just one m because consistently, my name only has one m not two. Even if people think my name is trashy, I don't care now. Took me a long time to embrace my name and negative comments won't make me dislike it again.
-- QueenNeferTamy  3/30/2017
NEFERTARI  added 3/30/2017, 12:08:33 AM by QueenNeferTamy
Got to know more of the real Queen Nefertari watching the Brazilian biblical series inspired and based on the Exodus "Os Dez Mandamentos" played by actress Camilla Rodrigues. In this take, there's a love triangle drama of sorts between Nefertari, Ramses, and Moises. I personally love the name (inspired my username) and I don't think it's too much a bullying material name. I find super adorable and a little girl would be lucky to bear it.
-- QueenNeferTamy  3/30/2017
CIRO  added 3/29/2017, 11:57:00 PM by QueenNeferTamy
The only time I've ever heard this name is on a Mexican telenovela I'm currently watching in which one of the characters' name is Ciro Palafox and I fell in love with it and that's what brought me here to find out what it means and its origin. I personally like the Latin American pronunciation more but I'm a little bias because I'm Latin American. I don't know why but I think this name would be perfect for a black and white tuxedo kitty. In fact, if I ever adopt another tuxedo cat I'm naming him Ciro.
-- QueenNeferTamy  3/29/2017
JAYLA  added 3/29/2017, 9:59:20 PM by JayIsNotAmazing
This is my birth name and I absolutely HATE it. It sounds too new and trendy. As a 15-year-old, I'd rather be named something classic like Meredith or Laura. My sister even has a nice name, Kelsey. But I'm stuck with a crazy mixture of popular syllables. I call myself Jay, and I'll probably legally change it to Jay or Jasper. Not to mention my mother spelled my middle name in the most kreatyv way she could (Briana [Bree-Ahn-Uh] spelled Breeannah)
-- JayIsNotAmazing  3/29/2017
ADORINDA  added 3/29/2017, 9:15:11 PM by JayIsNotAmazing
I can't understand how someone could dislike this name. It's so adorable and it sounds beautiful.
-- JayIsNotAmazing  3/29/2017
RYAN  added 3/29/2017, 9:13:12 PM by lilolaf
Ryan Higa known by his YouTube username nigahiga, is an American comedian, YouTube personality, and actor. He is known for his comedy videos on YouTube, which have been viewed over 3 billion times. Higa's YouTube channel, nigahiga, was the most subscribed channel on YouTube for 677 consecutive days from 2009–2011, longer than any channel other than PewDiePie. As of February 2017, he has over 19 million subscribers, making his channel the 14th most subscribed on YouTube. Higa is also of Japanese descent, specifically Okinawa Prefecture.
-- lilolaf  3/29/2017
VALERIA  added 3/29/2017, 9:08:38 PM by lilolaf
Valeria Archimó is an Argentine theater dancer, supervedette, choreographer and theater creative director. She is known for participating in many dance competitions, including the Second Dance World Championship in which she ended in 3rd place alongside her dance partner, Juan Leandro Nimo. Archimó is also known for her work and is many times compared with fellow supervedettes, Adabel Guerrero and Mónica Farro.
-- lilolaf  3/29/2017
FLORENCIA  added 3/29/2017, 9:06:47 PM by lilolaf
Florencia Trinidad better known by her stage name Flor de la V, is an Argentine actress, television personality, comedian and vedette. As producer Gerardo Sofovich's protégée, who discovered her in a 1998 revue in Buenos Aires, Trinidad gained media exposure and got small television roles. Her role in the widely successful Los Roldán gave her international notoriety. Over the years, Trinidad has become a household name in Argentine show business.

In 2014, GLAAD stated that "through her advocacy and proud visibility, [she] has contributed immensely to advancing the equality movement around the world and particularly in Argentina." She became the first transgender person in Argentina to get her name and the gender on her government-issued ID legally changed without pathologizing her gender identity, two years before the national Gender Identity Law was established.
-- lilolaf  3/29/2017
ADÉLAÏDE  added 3/29/2017, 9:00:57 PM by amanh
Related Names > DIMINUTIVE > Adé.
-- amanh  3/29/2017
ADÉLAÏDE  added 3/29/2017, 8:58:58 PM by amanh
Ade Bethune (born Adélaide de Bethune January 12, 1914 – May 1, 2002) was a Catholic liturgical artist associated with the Catholic Worker.
-- amanh  3/29/2017
DIETER  added 3/29/2017, 7:15:19 PM by ThatOneAuthorGirl
Ah... Now this is a name that ages well. I can picture a toddler Dieter just as easily as a middle-aged Dieter and an elderly Dieter.
-- ThatOneAuthorGirl  3/29/2017
SORA  added 3/29/2017, 6:26:10 PM by Kuroba-Kaito
Sora is the brother of Shiro from No Game No Life. ( kids under 18 plz don't watch )
-- Kuroba-Kaito  3/29/2017
LISELOTTE  added 3/29/2017, 6:19:23 PM by abirami
This was the nickname of Elisabeth Charlotte of the Palatinate, wife of Philippe I, Duke of Orléans.
-- abirami  3/29/2017
THERASIA  added 3/29/2017, 5:38:30 PM by Anonymous User
According to a legend, the name Thirasia, belonged to the beautiful daughter of King Thiras, who reigned in Santorini and named the island in the name of his beautiful daughter. The small island is also known as "Therasia".
-- Anonymous User  3/29/2017
EINAR  added 3/29/2017, 3:19:20 PM by Consternated Sheep
Einar is the name of a character in the book "Son" by Lois Lowry, he's an amazing character and this fits him well. He's fictional, but he should be on this list.
-- Consternated Sheep  3/29/2017
CECIL  added 3/29/2017, 1:38:01 PM by Serafina Starstrider
I love both pronunciations of Cecil. But SEE-səl is the family pronunciation.

My husband's French Canadian great grandfather was named Cecil pronounced SEE-səl. My half German, half English great grandfather was named John Cecil pronounced SEE-səl. His English side of the family had partially come to America on the Mayflower and from other American families who had been here for a while. His German side of the family were more recent immigrants I think. My main point is that SEE-səl is not a recent pronunciation in North America, it's been around since at least the late 1800's.
-- Serafina Starstrider  3/29/2017
BOBBI  added 3/29/2017, 1:10:03 PM by Bobbii_cuteone
My name is Bobbi riddle and I was named after my moms dad although she says I act like him I know I am a tomboy oh and I do not agree with bellaboo
-- Bobbii_cuteone  3/29/2017
ALICE  added 3/29/2017, 12:40:05 PM by erb816
Alice is one of the sweetest, saddest, most Gothic names out there. No lie. I think it's mainly due to literary history, which then influenced popular music (Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit," Sisters of Mercy's "Alice," etc.). Alice is equally at home in a bright sundress, ghostly white, and in all black with a spiky choker.

Also, I think Alice is most fitting on a redhead. Just my perception.
-- erb816  3/29/2017
CECILIJA  added 3/29/2017, 9:16:20 AM by Lucille
Cecilija is indeed also the Lithuanian form of Caecilia (see Cecilia). The name is also variantly spelled as Sesilija there. For more information, please see:

- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (general):
- (lists only bearers living in Lithuania)
-- Lucille  3/29/2017
AQUILA  added 3/29/2017, 9:04:43 AM by El is a Beth
Could anyone tell me where or when Aquila was used as a feminine name? I want to know because I named a female character in my story Aquila, thinking that because it's grammatically feminine in Latin it'd be used for girls. But Wikipedia only mentions males having this as a first name, so I'm confused ...
-- El is a Beth  3/29/2017
BITUIN  added 3/29/2017, 7:49:48 AM by Joiya
I think this name is gorgeous and, in the Philippines, it has a very "hippy" and "earthy" vibe. We used it for our daughter's middle name. I wish we had used it as her first name. Bitsy would be a cute nickname.

There is a famous Filipina singer with this name, too.
-- Joiya  3/29/2017
BITUIN  added 3/29/2017, 7:48:37 AM by Joiya
pronounced similar to the English word "between", though said slowly would be pronounced bee-too-een.
-- Joiya  3/29/2017
MIRTA  added 3/29/2017, 7:09:44 AM by Lucille
Mirta is also the Lithuanian cognate of Myrtle. For more information, please see:

- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in English)
- (general):
- (lists only bearers living in Lithuania)
-- Lucille  3/29/2017
KYLE  added 3/29/2017, 5:35:46 AM by darkshinesdjh
lol if you say a girl cant be named kyle, youre stupid. people can name their children whatever they want to?? you probably also think "avery" is just for one gender too lol stop.
its a cute unisex name and it doesnt hurt you if someone names their kid kyle so stfu
-- darkshinesdjh  3/29/2017
WYATT  added 3/28/2017, 8:01:20 PM by Anonymous User
So adorable for babies and kids and very handsome on men. This name sounds very cute, innocent, and friendly yet also sexy. Perfect fit!
-- Anonymous User  3/28/2017
ALEXA  added 3/28/2017, 5:44:08 PM by Anonymous User
My youngest daughter's name is Alexa Star. She's almost 3. Her name is simply beautiful and fits her really well.
-- Anonymous User  3/28/2017
MATT  added 3/28/2017, 8:14:39 AM by Anonymous User
Matt Groening is the creator of the Simpsons.
-- Anonymous User  3/28/2017
ĄŽUOLAS  added 3/28/2017, 5:20:22 AM by Lucille
Derived from the Lithuanian noun 'ąžuolas' meaning "oak tree".

In Lithuanian folklore and popular culture, Ąžuolas is the name of one of the three sons of the titular character of the folk tale "Eglė žalčių karalienė", which translates to English as "Eglė, the Queen of Serpents".

- (in German)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in English)
- (in English)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in English).
-- Lucille  3/28/2017
EGLĖ  added 3/28/2017, 5:02:26 AM by Lucille
SilverDolphin218: No, the Lithuanian word for "pine tree" is "pušis". Take a look around on Wikipedia and Wiktionary, for example:

- entry for eglė (spruce tree) on Wikipedia: (in Lithuanian)
- entry for eglė (spruce tree) on Wiktionary: (in English)
- entry for pušis (pine tree) on Wikipedia: (in Lithuanian)
- entry for pušis (pine tree) on Wiktionary: (in English)

To the webmaster of this website: seeing as Eglė is the name of a character from the well-known Lithuanian folk tale "Eglė žalčių karalienė" (which means "Eglė, the Queen of Serpents" in English), it might be a good idea to include the title of the folk tale in the entry for this name. For more information, please see: (in English)

On a related note, adding one (or more) of the following categories to the name's entry might also be something worth considering:
- Baltic Mythology (or Lithuanian Mythology, if you'd like to make it even more specific);
- Folklore;
- Popular Culture.

Finally, just in case it might come in handy someday, here are a bunch of (mostly) Lithuanian sources relating to the given name Eglė:

- (in German)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
-- Lucille  3/28/2017
LAURA  added 3/28/2017, 4:39:42 AM by cablainer
I actually think the name itself is beautiful, unfortunately I have known too many Laura's who were total bitches. I now have a habit of staying away from Anyone with that name.
-- cablainer  3/28/2017
BLAINE  added 3/28/2017, 4:30:47 AM by cablainer
My name is Blaine and I have always liked the name. It's unique and most people who hear the name, like it as well. You really can't go wrong with this name if you choose it. For some reason people usually associate this with someone who is part of the upper class. My grandmother said she met a banker back in the day and loved the name and suggested it to my mother.
-- cablainer  3/28/2017
KONSTANTINA  added 3/28/2017, 12:29:09 AM by Lucille
Konstantina is also the Croatian and Lithuanian form of Constantina. For more information, see:

- (in Croatian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
- (in Lithuanian)
-- Lucille  3/28/2017
ELMIRA  added 3/27/2017, 11:39:22 PM by Namey7
Very rare. Barely ever meet someone with this name. Very precious. I love it for it's quietness.
-- Namey7  3/27/2017
ANDREA (2)  added 3/27/2017, 9:04:02 PM by lilolaf
Andrea Sesma is the girlfriend of Spanish professional footballer Iker Muniain.
-- lilolaf  3/27/2017
BROOKE  added 3/27/2017, 8:53:16 PM by Anonymous User
The name "Brooke", if we are interpreting it as "brook", can be taken in many different lights to mean many different things.

As a carrier of the name, I always get discouraged when I see the common definitions such as, "a small stream" or "one who lives by a stream." I think that we can take those into context and consider what they mean as symbols.

As a small stream, you are calm, gentle, but strong and persistent enough to carve a path for yourself in the ground. You are friendly, inviting; people tend to have spring picnics by brooks and streams, finding their petite and sweet natures very endearing. Bright, enthusiastic, passionate... those are all the words that I would use to describe a brook, and therefore, a Brooke.

Not to mention one who lives by a stream- these people, in their time, were practical and forward-thinking, because the best thing to do for your health in times of no running water or electricity would be to live by a body of water. While most people lived in huge cities by seaports, these people clearly kept to themselves, as brooks tend to take form in uncharted sections of forests. So, while these people were rather secluded and introverted, they were still intuitive and intellectual, plotting where they lived according to what was logical.

All in all, what should be taken away from this is that though a Brooke may seem introverted and calm on the outside, she is truly bubbly, enthusiastic, and persistent on the inside, and should not be underestimated, and whose kindness should not be taken as weakness.

She doesn't have to be the stereotypical blonde you see in movies.
(I am a girl named Brooke, and I dislike being prejudiced as that, even though the people I know would never even dream that I'd be like that.)
-- Anonymous User  3/27/2017
MARCIA  added 3/27/2017, 5:33:51 PM by Iwillforget
I'm a Marcia myself, and I say its a pretty nice name, with a couple of puns.
My friends would always comment on my nickname "Cia"
One way, they'd say I'm part of the CIA, and a second...

Me: Okay, I'm gonna go..
Friend: See ya, Cia!
Me: You too...

Because saying "see-yuh" twice is "hilarious"

(My name is pronounced Mar-see-yuh, Cia being see-yuh, as you probably figured out)
-- Iwillforget  3/27/2017
ASHTON  added 3/27/2017, 5:20:27 PM by Anonymous User
I am a girl called Ashton. This name is becoming really popular this year 2017 for baby girls! My most common nicknames are Ash and Ashie :). Ashton is a really pretty name for girls.
-- Anonymous User  3/27/2017
NANCY  added 3/27/2017, 4:19:39 PM by highexpectasians
Nancy Adams is the main protagonist of the 2016 survival film 'The Shallows'. She is a medical school student who visits a secluded beach in Mexico after the death of her mother. In the film, Nancy is bitten in the leg by a great white shark and forced to take refuge first on a rock in the ocean, then an old buoy where she ultimately kills the shark. She is portrayed by actress Blake Lively.
-- highexpectasians  3/27/2017
JUSTICE  added 3/27/2017, 4:05:13 PM by Anonymous User
my name is Justice

I don't understand why the name is looked down upon

Is it because it's FABULOUS?
-- Anonymous User  3/27/2017
SOLEIL  added 3/27/2017, 4:04:44 PM by mscarter93
My name is Maria Soleil, and I've gone by Soleil since I was a kid. It has its ups and downs. I think I've grown into it now, at 23. I worked somewhere I had to wear a nametag and I had multiple comments daily on what a beautiful, unique name it is. It's definitely a conversation starter! Growing up in Canada I took French immersion, which was useful because lots of people ask me if I speak French because of my name (I do, I'm fluent). Sometimes "soleil" would be on a spelling test and my classmates would wink at me. When I was younger, especially in school, a lot of people found it hard to pronounce ("sol-eel? sol-ee-ay?") but no one's had that problem in a few years. I still wish I had a more normal name, but I guess I can appreciate its uniqueness.
-- mscarter93  3/27/2017
LARK  added 3/27/2017, 3:00:49 PM by lilolaf
37 baby girls born in the USA (2015) were given Lark.
-- lilolaf  3/27/2017
JANE  added 3/27/2017, 2:30:45 PM by wedward4
Do not forget Jane Jetson
-- wedward4  3/27/2017
TAMIA  added 3/27/2017, 2:16:01 PM by Tambourine
My name is also Tamia and I live in the Caribbean and my name has never been commented on as "ghetto". Also another point is that my mother told me that Tamia is Hebrew and it means palm tree.
-- Tambourine  3/27/2017
ANSEL  added 3/27/2017, 2:09:47 PM by JayIsNotAmazing
Ansel Elgort is an actor who is a bearer of this name.
-- JayIsNotAmazing  3/27/2017
MABEL  added 3/27/2017, 1:36:22 PM by Kosta
As far as the children's rhyme goes, the version I heard was:

Mabel, Mabel, if you're able,
Get your elbows off the table.
This is not a horses' stable
But a high-class place to eat.
(or, "a high-class dining room")

(This was sung to the tune of "Reuben and Rachel" on the occasion of the commission of that "offense." Personally, I think it's high time we forgot that stupid rule.)
-- Kosta  3/27/2017
DANIEL  added 3/27/2017, 11:15:52 AM by THErealSpiderMan
Damn Daniel back at it again with the crippling depression
-- THErealSpiderMan  3/27/2017