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RYAN  added 8/19/2017, 12:44:30 PM by Anonymous User
Ryan Booth is a main character on the ABC show 'Quantico'. He is portrayed by Jake McLaughlin.
-- Anonymous User  8/19/2017
JOAN (1)  added 8/19/2017, 11:11:06 AM by Snowstorm
This name sounds harsh and masculine. I don't like it.
-- Snowstorm  8/19/2017
BIBIGUL  added 8/19/2017, 10:44:30 AM by highexpectasians
"Бибигуль" is the Russian spelling of the name; "Бибігүл" is the proper Kazakh form.

-Бибігүл_Ахметқызы_Төлегенова (in Kazakh)
-Бибігүл_Нұрғалиқызы_Нүсіпжанова (in Kazakh)
-Бибігүл_Иманғазина (in Kazakh)
-- highexpectasians  8/19/2017
JEANNA  added 8/19/2017, 10:13:36 AM by Snowstorm
Not one of my favourites, but at least it's better than "Jeanne".
-- Snowstorm  8/19/2017
RUBINA  added 8/19/2017, 9:05:56 AM by Felie
This is an Italian names.

It comes from the Italian gramatically masculine noun #rubino# which means "ruby" (ultimately from Latin).

The pronounciation is roo-BEE-na.

In 2015 (latest report) were born only 5 babies called Rubina in Italy.
-- Felie  8/19/2017
LAURA  added 8/19/2017, 8:18:21 AM by Ire
Laura Vanderboom (1935-1971) is a descendant of the mysterious Vanderboom family featured in the Cube Escape app series. She is the main character of Cube Escape: The Lake and Cube Escape: Seasons.
-- Ire  8/19/2017
VERONICA  added 8/19/2017, 5:02:07 AM by Anonymous User
My name is Veronica, although not born with it I was given this name after being adopted. I have had mixed feelings about my name over many years, that it was rather upper class and snobbish plus it was always difficult for children to pronounce. Over the many years my name has never been shortened until my friend and late husband called me Veron. When people ask me if I have a nickname or do you like your name being shortened, my answer is always no, my name is Veronica and now I actually quite like it. My parents were religious and called me after Saint Veronica plus the little blue flower. I have to say that over the years there was only ever one other person that I knew called Veronica. So I personally think it's not too bad a name after all.
-- Anonymous User  8/19/2017
JEHANNE  added 8/19/2017, 4:17:20 AM by Snowstorm
The "h" makes it look so ugly, but I don't like "Jeanne" either.
-- Snowstorm  8/19/2017
DUSTIN  added 8/18/2017, 8:56:59 PM by No1
My boyfriend's name is Dustin and I personally love it, it's so manly and western/southern (we live in mid Texas).
-- No1  8/18/2017
LYDIA  added 8/18/2017, 8:29:56 PM by Anonymous User
I rarely hear anybody with the same name as me. Other than that, I think it's an okay name.. I guess.
-- Anonymous User  8/18/2017
CHASTITY  added 8/18/2017, 5:47:58 PM by wildchanplays
Well my real name is Chastity, and despite all the nasty things people say about the name, it still is beautiful no matter what. As we are told at a young age we cannot judge a book by its cover, like you can't judge a person by their name.
-- wildchanplays  8/18/2017
CYRIL  added 8/18/2017, 1:59:08 PM by Eir
There is a theory that the name actually derives from the Persian name Cyrus (
-- Eir  8/18/2017
ULVİYE  added 8/18/2017, 1:26:25 PM by shannernanner
Ülviyyə appears to be an Azerbaijani form.
-- shannernanner  8/18/2017
NOEL  added 8/18/2017, 10:03:21 AM by NoelElijah
My name is Noel; I'm male and it's pronounced 'no el'.
-- NoelElijah  8/18/2017
JENNICA  added 8/18/2017, 7:01:08 AM by Anonymous User
My name is Jennica and I actually have had lots of compliments on my name. Some people are so ignorant. My mom named me this in the 80s when yes, Jessica and Jennifer were popular but she found it in a name book. It was spelled Jenica but she added an extra n to help with pronunciation. It is a Scandinavian name meaning "God is Gracious" and it's a form of Jane. It is not a made up name as indicated above! I love that it is unique and I am usually the only Jennica people know, though I have crossed paths with others!
-- Anonymous User  8/18/2017
POL  added 8/18/2017, 6:45:26 AM by Anonymous User
Pol Espargaro is a Spanish motorbike racer.
-- Anonymous User  8/18/2017
ALEIX  added 8/18/2017, 6:44:59 AM by Anonymous User
Aleix Espargaro is a Spanish motorbike racer.
-- Anonymous User  8/18/2017
CHRISTABELLA  added 8/18/2017, 12:06:25 AM by Luvbug86
Sounds made up and very tacky.
-- Luvbug86  8/18/2017
URBAN  added 8/17/2017, 11:52:25 PM by Luvbug86
Lets keep this as a surname.
-- Luvbug86  8/17/2017
SATAN  added 8/17/2017, 11:43:42 PM by Luvbug86
I can't believe this name is even on here.
-- Luvbug86  8/17/2017
KINSLEY  added 8/17/2017, 11:40:08 PM by Luvbug86
Infantile name.
-- Luvbug86  8/17/2017
RODERICK  added 8/17/2017, 11:26:48 PM by Anonymous User
Honestly Roderick sounds very ugly. No wonder it has never been popular at any point in the past or now.
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2017
PAULA  added 8/17/2017, 10:34:40 PM by MickeyMouse1203
I am also named Paula. I love the name. I was named after my dad, whose name is Paul, which makes it even more special. I think the meaning fits me pretty well too, seeing as how I am very small. I love it, even though people like to make fun of it. Oh well, it is the name I was given and for that I am truly thankful to my parents.
-- MickeyMouse1203  8/17/2017
ETHAN  added 8/17/2017, 8:55:28 PM by dolcigno
NB the Gk form Athan, which means 'immortal' (literally "without death").
-- dolcigno  8/17/2017
SIDDHARTHA  added 8/17/2017, 6:24:58 PM by Anonymous User
A very unique, philosophical, and entrancing name in my opinion. Gives me the chills every time I say it aloud.
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2017
BUDDHA  added 8/17/2017, 6:16:54 PM by Anonymous User
I personally wouldn't name a child after a well-known title/name of a deity used in religion (i.e. Yahweh, Jesus, Allah; Buddha is no exception), but the meaning of the name is cool. Think about it: your child could seem all philosophical with a name meaning "enlightened".
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2017
RAIMON  added 8/17/2017, 5:13:51 PM by Sofia
Also Medieval Occitan.
-- Sofia  8/17/2017
QUINTO  added 8/17/2017, 5:11:29 PM by Sofia
Also Spanish and Portuguese.
-- Sofia  8/17/2017
JOYCE  added 8/17/2017, 4:58:52 PM by Anonymous User
Once I met a girl with a very kreatyve variant of this name: Johiz.
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2017
JOSEMARÍA  added 8/17/2017, 3:40:33 PM by Maxine J. Rolland
Josemaría Escrivá (1902-1975) was a Spanish Roman catholic priest. He was canonized in 2002 by Pop John Paul II.
-- Maxine J. Rolland  8/17/2017
MAGNUS  added 8/17/2017, 1:14:13 PM by Anonymous User
Magnus Hirschfield was a German Jewish physician, sexologist, and activist who is credited as one of the first advocates for gay and transgender rights. He fought even in the face of the Nazi regime who burned his writings. He is today considered a hero.
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2017
AUGUST  added 8/17/2017, 10:38:42 AM by Anonymous User
August Bebel was a socialist leader and activist, the founder of the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Germany, who was also known for speaking out against colonization, racism and misogyny right before the tipping point and rise of fascism in Germany.
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2017
KEITH  added 8/17/2017, 10:30:06 AM by Anonymous User
A shame no one brought up Keith Haring. He was a street artist and LGBT activist, probably most known for his graffiti that focused on the AIDS crisis, spreading awareness and support for the victims, which included many of his friends and eventually himself.
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2017
EKİN  added 8/17/2017, 3:42:19 AM by solesoleil
"Ekin" also means "culture" and derives from the verb "ekmek", meaning "to cultivate".
-- solesoleil  8/17/2017
PETER  added 8/17/2017, 1:43:13 AM by Anonymous User
Honestly Peter sounds so wimpy on a grown man and the thought of so many serial killers with this name makes me want to throw up.
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2017
JONATHAN  added 8/17/2017, 1:37:18 AM by Anonymous User
Jon Venables was one of the child murderers who tortured and killed poor two-year-old James Bulger in a crime that shocked Britain in the 90s.
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2017
ADAM  added 8/17/2017, 1:11:18 AM by Anonymous User
The name Adam will probably end up becoming taboo in the United States due to Adam Lanza, or at least in the Northeast.
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2017
ADAM  added 8/17/2017, 1:03:56 AM by Anonymous User
Adam is such an ugly name and the thought of the bearer of this stupid name being a child murderer involved in the tragic Sandy Hook shooting makes me sick to my stomach.
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2017
PETER  added 8/17/2017, 1:01:18 AM by Anonymous User
Peter Bryan is a serial killer from the UK. A cannibalistic animal, he ate his victims' brains. Sick!
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2017
PETER  added 8/17/2017, 12:55:36 AM by Anonymous User
Peter Sutcliffe, dubbed the "Yorkshire Ripper," is one of Britain's worst serial killers.
-- Anonymous User  8/17/2017
SEAN  added 8/16/2017, 9:54:43 PM by thezenithofnadir
This is my half brother's name. His name is Sean Patrick. I like it, but I prefer his conformation name Robert. Sean Robert sounds powerful.
-- thezenithofnadir  8/16/2017
JENNIFER  added 8/16/2017, 9:53:31 PM by thezenithofnadir
This is my half sister's name. Her name is Jennifer Denise. I love that combo and would use it for my own child, if I do want children. Jennifer Renee is my top choice for a name though.
-- thezenithofnadir  8/16/2017
VERONICA  added 8/16/2017, 9:49:18 PM by thezenithofnadir
This is the name of one of my half sisters. Her name is Veronica Rose. Very pretty combo. That being said, I would love to name a child this (if I do ever want kids) with the middle name Monique.
-- thezenithofnadir  8/16/2017
VERONICA  added 8/16/2017, 9:48:02 PM by thezenithofnadir
The Veronicas are a pop group of twins Jessica & Lisa Orgliasso. They are awesome.
-- thezenithofnadir  8/16/2017
JASNA  added 8/16/2017, 9:46:30 PM by thezenithofnadir
This name is fun to say, that being said I adore this one. The meaning is nice and makes me think of an intelligent & cutthroat girl who has raven black hair. Very pretty, definitely a top choice for me! It also doesn't need a middle name either.
-- thezenithofnadir  8/16/2017
EIR  added 8/16/2017, 5:21:28 PM by Athanasia21
Eir Stegalkin is the name of a famous NPC in the world of the videogame Guild Wars 2.
-- Athanasia21  8/16/2017
PRECIOUS  added 8/16/2017, 5:05:05 PM by Precious Daniel
Precious is a wonderful name. I am an African, Precious by name. My mom gave that name to me and she knows the reasons why, and I have not been bullied.
-- Precious Daniel  8/16/2017
HIKARI  added 8/16/2017, 4:21:33 PM by SakuraSongstress
I believe that Hikari is also a masculine name, though I may be wrong...
-- SakuraSongstress  8/16/2017
BEVERLY  added 8/16/2017, 3:25:58 PM by kimbersu
This is a great name that is both dignified and pretty. I would use the nickname Beevie when she is little.
-- kimbersu  8/16/2017
MALI  added 8/16/2017, 3:02:01 PM by Anonymous User
I prefer it over the bland Molly. Nice meaning, too.
-- Anonymous User  8/16/2017