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AISLINN  added 6/26/2017, 9:41:42 AM by Anonymous User
My name is Aislinn and it's pronounced Izlin. Instead of ice at the beginning there's a z sound.
-- Anonymous User  6/26/2017
RAUL  added 6/26/2017, 9:34:14 AM by Felie
Raul Bova (1971-) is a famous Italian actor with this name.
-- Felie  6/26/2017
CARMELITA  added 6/26/2017, 8:13:03 AM by Carmelita123
My first name, people do find it rare and compliment me all the time about it. :) problem is that it is easy to forget
-- Carmelita123  6/26/2017
OMRI  added 6/26/2017, 7:14:28 AM by Anonymous User
Omri Casspi is an Israeli Professional Basketball Player.
-- Anonymous User  6/26/2017
ODESSA  added 6/26/2017, 5:50:08 AM by Anonymous User
I named my daughter Odessa. She is a little Scorpio, so that combined with her name literally meaning 'wrathful ' has me a little weary of the teenage years! Her dad and I met at a Grateful Dead show and 'Odessa' is a song sung by Ratdog. A strong name for a strong willed little girl!
-- Anonymous User  6/26/2017
ALIÉNOR  added 6/26/2017, 5:37:25 AM by Anonymous User
This alternate spelling also exists: Alyénor
-- Anonymous User  6/26/2017
LENA  added 6/26/2017, 5:22:48 AM by Anonymous User
Everyone is saying how it's pronounced 'LEN-ah' and Lina is 'LEE-nah' but seriously, pronounce it how you want. just because you think it's 'LEN-ah' or 'LEE-nah' or 'LAY-nah' doesn't mean it is. Also, you may think it is the correct pronunciation, and it may be for you, but there are so many different origins that all have diferent pronunciations! Don't be narrow-minded!
-- Anonymous User  6/26/2017
PAMELA  added 6/26/2017, 2:53:47 AM by Felie
This is also used in Italy where it is pronounced pa-MEH-la.
In 2015 were born 36 babies named Pamela.
-- Felie  6/26/2017
ALIÉNOR  added 6/26/2017, 1:55:53 AM by lmsl
We are a Anglo/French family who live in France where the famous Aliénor d'Aquitaine was from (Eleanor of Aquitaine in English). I named my daughter Alyénor to avoid the word "alien" within the name. Same pronunciation in French!
-- lmsl  6/26/2017
CHIARA  added 6/25/2017, 10:45:11 PM by Just once
My name is Chiara but i prefer "Chi-ara" as the pronunciation. It fits the look and my personality. I don't really care about the "supposed to".
-- Just once  6/25/2017
YUUDAI  added 6/25/2017, 8:24:36 PM by cutenose
The kanji 雄大, is also commonly read as Yuuta as well.
-- cutenose  6/25/2017
HADASSAH  added 6/25/2017, 3:24:57 PM by Anonymous User
I've always loved this name and our next child, if a girl, will be named Hadassah. I loved looking up the instances of myrtle trees in the Bible - always a positive or blessing.
-- Anonymous User  6/25/2017
HUDSON  added 6/25/2017, 3:22:44 PM by Anonymous User
My husband and I have chosen this name if our next child is a boy, after the great Missionary to Chine, Hudson Taylor. We will call him Huck for a nickname.
-- Anonymous User  6/25/2017
ADELINE  added 6/25/2017, 1:26:30 PM by Tatumarore
I know an Adeline that sometimes goes by Addy, I think it's really cute!
-- Tatumarore  6/25/2017
JUSTINA  added 6/25/2017, 11:10:35 AM by Paula Puddephatt
So pretty. I love Justine, too.
-- Paula Puddephatt  6/25/2017
JUSTINE  added 6/25/2017, 11:09:15 AM by Paula Puddephatt
Justine is really pretty. I knew someone with a daughter named Justin, but I think Justine or Justina are much classier, and more feminine.
-- Paula Puddephatt  6/25/2017
JET  added 6/25/2017, 11:00:53 AM by Tatumarore
I think it should be spelled "Jett" for a girl and "Jet" for a boy. But that's just me.
-- Tatumarore  6/25/2017
LIVIA (1)  added 6/25/2017, 7:31:32 AM by Anonymous User
I think it's very unfair when people comment that it's a 'made up' version of Olivia or simply a shorter version of it. This has been around much longer than Olivia, and if we're being correct, Olivia is actually a made up version of Livia.
-- Anonymous User  6/25/2017
LILA (1)  added 6/25/2017, 7:08:07 AM by Dj rr
So I know this sounds crazy but I know a,girl that's been possessed and her name isn't lyla but that's sure as hell what she told everyone that was her name so creepy.... just saying
-- Dj rr  6/25/2017
OLIVIA  added 6/25/2017, 6:36:42 AM by Phoenix Gemstone
it is a common name to me and i find it just a usual name. I like this name but i think it is a little too common.
-- Phoenix Gemstone  6/25/2017
ZIYA  added 6/25/2017, 6:33:56 AM by Anonymous User
Also spelled in Spanish Zeia.
-- Anonymous User  6/25/2017
TEODOR  added 6/25/2017, 3:08:26 AM by Anonymous User
In Poland it has been used since XIIIth century and its archaic Polish forms were: Tader, Chodor, Todor, Cader /Czader, Ceder/Czeder. The Russian form (Fyodor) is spelled Fiodor in Poland.
-- Anonymous User  6/25/2017
HAVEN  added 6/25/2017, 2:50:29 AM by Mauimama13
Well my son born in 2002 is named Haven. I love it. Everyone else is Aiden or Hayden or even ayven. He has a unique name and frankly sharing a name with legendary Ritchie Havens is not anything but awesome. So for all of you who don't like it...great! Go ahead and name your guy Jaden or Evan or Max or whatever is hip now. None of my three kids have names that are hip, nor are they "snowflakes" with "special" names like Aimee (amy?) or Jenee (Jenny?) or freaking Brittany with some sort of silent x or whatever.
Haven is a solid name. Boy or girl. Go ahead and don't use it. ;)
-- Mauimama13  6/25/2017
POL  added 6/25/2017, 1:02:05 AM by Sophie14
Pol is a very used name in Catalonia. It is used as well in Ireland (Pól), Scotland (Pòl) and France (Pol).

There is a villlage in Spain (in Galicia) called Pol, a little village of thousands of years old. Then you have other names of places that use it, like Sant Pol de Mar (Catalonia), Saint Pol de Léon and Saint-Pol-sur-Mer (France).
-- Sophie14  6/25/2017
SAMIRA (1)  added 6/24/2017, 9:58:14 PM by cutenose
Samira Bellil was a French feminist activist and a campaigner for the rights of girls and women. Bellil became famous in France with the publication of her autobiographical book Dans l'enfer des tournantes in 2002. The book discusses the violence she and other young women endured in the predominantly North African and African immigrant outskirts of Paris, where she was repeatedly gang-raped as a teenager by gangs led by people she knew, and then abandoned by her family and friends. Her book is a portrayal of the predicament of young girls in the poor, outlying suburbs of French cities.
-- cutenose  6/24/2017
ISIS  added 6/24/2017, 9:29:07 PM by cutenose
The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Islamic State, and by its Arabic language acronym Daesh, is a Salafi jihadist unrecognised proto-state and militant group that follows a fundamentalist, Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni Islam. ISIL gained global prominence in early 2014 when it drove Iraqi government forces out of key cities in its Western Iraq offensive, followed by its capture of Mosul and the Sinjar massacre.
-- cutenose  6/24/2017
CHARLIE  added 6/24/2017, 9:25:26 PM by cutenose
Charlie Norris is a retired American professional wrestler who competed in North American promotions as well as the World Championship Wrestling during the early 1990s. Norris was born in Red Lake, Minnesota, a community located in the Red Lake Indian Reservation. He graduated at Red Lake Senior High School in 1984.
-- cutenose  6/24/2017
GEORGE  added 6/24/2017, 9:24:07 PM by lilolaf
Prince George of Cambridge is the elder child and only son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. He is third in line to succeed his paternal great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, after his paternal grandfather, Charles, Prince of Wales, and his father.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
CHARLOTTE  added 6/24/2017, 9:23:51 PM by lilolaf
Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is the younger child and only daughter of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. She is fourth in line to succeed her paternal great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, after her paternal grandfather, father, and elder brother.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
CHARLES  added 6/24/2017, 9:23:45 PM by cutenose
Charles Patrick Inigo Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley is the only son of David Armstrong-Jones, 2nd Earl of Snowdon, and Serena Armstrong-Jones, Countess of Snowdon. He is a great-grandson of George VI. He is heir apparent to the Earldom of Snowdon and 19th in line to succeed Queen Elizabeth II after his father.
-- cutenose  6/24/2017
JAMES  added 6/24/2017, 9:23:28 PM by lilolaf
James, Viscount Severn is the younger child and only son of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and the youngest grandchild of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He is tenth in line to succeed his grandmother.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
SALMA  added 6/24/2017, 9:23:10 PM by lilolaf
Princess Lalla Salma born Salma Bennani; is the princess consort of Morocco. She is the wife of King Mohammed VI and the first wife of a Moroccan ruler to have been publicly acknowledged and given a royal title.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
KHADIJA  added 6/24/2017, 9:22:37 PM by lilolaf
Princess Lalla Khadija of Morocco is the second child of Mohammed VI of Morocco and his wife, Princess Lalla Salma. Lalla Khadija's elder brother is Moulay Hassan, Crown Prince of Morocco.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
LATIFA  added 6/24/2017, 9:22:04 PM by lilolaf
Princess Lalla Latifa Amahzoune in Khenifra is the widow of King Hassan II and the mother of Princess Lalla Meryem, King Mohammed VI, Princess Lalla Asma, Princess Lalla Hasna and Prince Moulay Rachid. She is referred to using terms such as "mother of the royal children". The privacy accorded to her in Morocco is so great that attempts to publish photos of her in the Moroccan newspaper Al Ayam were found to violate Moroccan law.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
LALLA  added 6/24/2017, 9:21:22 PM by lilolaf
Lalla was last given to 5 baby girls born in the USA (2010).
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
KARL  added 6/24/2017, 9:21:03 PM by lilolaf
Karl-Konstantin von Habsburg referred to in Austria as Karl-Konstantin Habsburg-Lothringen, in Hungary as Habsburg Károly Konstantin, and also as Archduke Karl-Konstantin of Austria, is the only son of Georg von Habsburg and Duchess Eilika of Oldenburg. As of 2016, he is considered third in line of succession to the former Austro-Hungarian throne. He is the great-grandson of Emperor Charles I of Austria through his grandfather Otto von Habsburg. Through his maternal grandfather, he is a descendant of George II of Great Britain, and would therefore be in line for the British throne were he not a Catholic and barred by the Act of Settlement.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
CLAUS  added 6/24/2017, 9:20:32 PM by lilolaf
Count Claus-Casimir of Orange-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg, is the second child of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands and their only son. He is a member of the Dutch Royal Family and is sixth in the line of succession to the Dutch throne.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
ARIANE  added 6/24/2017, 9:20:08 PM by lilolaf
Princess Ariane of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau is the third and youngest daughter of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima. Princess Ariane is a member of the Dutch Royal House and currently third in the line of succession to the Dutch throne.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
ATHENA  added 6/24/2017, 9:19:48 PM by lilolaf
Princess Athena of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat, is the youngest child and only daughter of Prince Joachim and Princess Marie of Denmark. As of May 2017, Athena is tenth in the line of succession to the Danish throne.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
CARMEN  added 6/24/2017, 9:19:13 PM by lilolaf
Carmen Luz Barbieri Caputo is an Argentine actress, supervedette, dancer, stand-up comedian, director and producer of theater. Barbieri was the first winner of ShowMatch's Bailando 2006 paired with professional dancer, Christian Ponce.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
KOKORO  added 6/24/2017, 9:18:08 PM by cutenose
Kokoro Terada is a Japanese child actor and TV personality.
-- cutenose  6/24/2017
LORENA (1)  added 6/24/2017, 9:17:28 PM by lilolaf
Lorena Queiroz Politti is a Brazilian actress and model.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
ADITYA  added 6/24/2017, 9:17:07 PM by lilolaf
Aditya Dahal is known as the Google Boy of Nepal. He was born in Chabhail, Kathmandu. As of 2015 he is 4 years old. He has not taken any class in school but is said to be able to write in Nepali, English, Korean, Chinese and numerous other languages. He is also said to be able to predict the future. He can not speak and is said to give his answer by writing on paper. Initially, he is said to have shocked his parents by writing the names of all the countries in the world and the name of their leaders. He is also said to remember the name and occupation of everyone he meets, meaning of every words asked to him and even the meaning of the words from different language. Although many are shocked, credentials scientists are not amazed, many urge others to stay away from such beliefs.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
ISA (1)  added 6/24/2017, 9:16:31 PM by lilolaf
Isa Dare, born in 2010, is a suspected British Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant militant. In January 2016, he was named as the figure in a film issued by ISIL that showed the execution of suspected spies against the regime.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
KIANA (1)  added 6/24/2017, 9:16:02 PM by lilolaf
Kiana Sādāt-Hosseini renowned as Little Kiana or Kiana of Nishapur also The Seven-year-old Kiana was an Iranian seven-year Preschool student from Nishapur. She was kidnapped, raped and murdered by her aunt's husband Mehdi N in September 15, 2016. He was hanged in public 15 days later in September 30, 2016 in Nishapur with a special court order signed by Sadegh Larijani.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
ARYAN  added 6/24/2017, 9:14:59 PM by lilolaf
Aryan Prajapati is an Indian child actor. He has had roles in television serials and Bollywood feature films.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
ALISA  added 6/24/2017, 9:14:14 PM by lilolaf
Alisa Sadikova is a prodigy classical harpist from Russia. Alisa Sadikova was born on 30 March 2003 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Harpist and family friend Olga Shevelevich first spotted the young girlʼs talent when she showed Sadikova a musical piece that the five-year-old started playing right away on the harp. Shelevich subsequently became her music teacher. Currently, Sadikova also studies at the Special Music School of Saint Petersburg Conservatory, with Karina Maleeva, under maestro Vladimir Spivakovʼs sponsorship.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
GABRIEL  added 6/24/2017, 9:13:30 PM by lilolaf
Prince Gabriel of Belgium is the first son and second child of King Philippe of Belgium and Queen consort Mathilde of Belgium. He is currently second in line to the throne of Belgium after his older sister Elisabeth.
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
DIMA (1)  added 6/24/2017, 9:12:49 PM by lilolaf
Dima al-Wawi was the youngest Palestinian prisoner in Israeli jails. She was released in April 24, 2016 after 75 days on charges of intended to kill a security guard on Feb. 9 near Hebron. On February 9, 2016 Wawi was arrested near the Karmi Tsur settlement on the territory of Halhul, north of Hebron. She was transferred to Hasharon Prison on charges of attempted murder. The prosecutor transferred her to a community center under the Ministry of Social Affairs, with the payment of a fine of 8,000 shekels. She was assigned bail of 25 thousand shekels. 
-- lilolaf  6/24/2017
LUCIA  added 6/24/2017, 9:09:00 PM by cutenose
Lucia Caraballo Fabelo is a Spanish actress and dancer. Since 2006, at age seven, she has been active in the entertainment business world, after being accepted as a student at the Universidad Popular de Madrid, Tarugo Company.
-- cutenose  6/24/2017