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SHELLEY  added 2/23/2018, 10:20:45 AM by cyberpope67
There's a good chance it has influence from the Phoenician root meaning "mine"
cyberpope67  2/23/2018
TAYLA  added 2/23/2018, 9:53:58 AM by TaylaMikel
My parents named me Mikel Tayla, however my Father wanted to call me by my middle name Tayla. With that said I still go by the name Tayla, everyone calls me this including my husband. But honestly, Mikel feels more like my ‘real’ name. It’s hard to make that transition after being called Tayla for 36 years. I do believe this name ages well. As people have told me my whole life they love my name. Tay, Tay-Tay, Tay-tor-tot (my dads nickname for me) all of these have felt sincere and endearing. My name has separated me from the norm. I was raised by educated parents. My Father a Physcist and my mother an accountant. I am a musician, an artist, a charity volunteer and a mother of two. This is not a “ghetto” name! Or a slang/Ebonics half-said, mis-pronounced named. Wanted to make that correction to the assumptions. However everyone is entitled to their opinions; I think we all need more “Tayla’s” in the world!
TaylaMikel  2/23/2018
ZIAD  added 2/23/2018, 9:48:25 AM by milemark
Ziad Haddad is a famous attorney in D.C. -
milemark  2/23/2018
CALEB  added 2/23/2018, 9:45:54 AM by milemark
Caleb Kershner is a famous attorney in VA -
milemark  2/23/2018
DANIEL  added 2/23/2018, 9:43:51 AM by milemark
Daniel Lustig is a well-known and respected attorney in Florida -
milemark  2/23/2018
SONYA  added 2/23/2018, 9:42:07 AM by SonyanDenny
My name is also Sonya. I use to hate it when I was a kid because it was so different. As I got older I loved that it was different and how so many people responded so well to hearing my name. So many people pronounce my name in different ways. I now answer to all pronunciations. I get SAW-nya, SON-ya, SIHN-ya, Sandra, SON-dra, SON, Sandy, Casandra, Sophy. Lol my husband and his family pronounce my name SON-ya and they met a life long friend of mine who pronounces my name the way my family pronounce it and that is SIHN-ya. They said we have been pronouncing your name wrong for 15 years? Lol I said no I actually prefer SON-ya so its all good.
SonyanDenny  2/23/2018
MARTIN  added 2/23/2018, 9:41:31 AM by milemark
Martin Palmer is a Tampa attorney -
milemark  2/23/2018
TODD  added 2/23/2018, 9:38:27 AM by milemark
Todd Mohink is a Glen Burnie, MD lawyer -
milemark  2/23/2018
KEVIN  added 2/23/2018, 9:36:09 AM by milemark
Kevin Kulik, famous attorney in Florida -
milemark  2/23/2018
RACHEAL  added 2/23/2018, 9:35:05 AM by milemark
Racheal Mastel is a famous attorney in Las Vegas -
milemark  2/23/2018
ANTON  added 2/23/2018, 9:30:18 AM by milemark
Anton Iamele is a famous attorney in Baltimore, MD -
milemark  2/23/2018
BRUCE  added 2/23/2018, 9:26:23 AM by milemark
Attorney Bruce Fox is quite famous in Knoxville, TN -
milemark  2/23/2018
COREY  added 2/23/2018, 9:21:45 AM by milemark
Corey Bundza is a well-known FL attorney -
milemark  2/23/2018
SHAWN  added 2/23/2018, 9:19:12 AM by milemark
Shawn Yesner is a famous Tampa attorney -
milemark  2/23/2018
VANESSA  added 2/23/2018, 9:17:05 AM by milemark
Vanessa Prieto is a famous FL lawyer -
milemark  2/23/2018
JUDE (1)  added 2/23/2018, 9:14:13 AM by milemark
Jude Faccidomo is a famous FL lawyer -
milemark  2/23/2018
SHANNON  added 2/23/2018, 9:08:32 AM by milemark
Shannon Del Prado is a famous attorney in FL -
milemark  2/23/2018
LOU  added 2/23/2018, 9:00:50 AM by milemark
Lou Pendas is a famous Florida attorney -
milemark  2/23/2018
VALERIA  added 2/23/2018, 8:58:03 AM by Jadie477
I know a Valeria. It is pronounced Bahl-aye-ree-ah. Like malaria. But it's still pretty! Like a valentine, or Valerie. She is hispanic.
Jadie477  2/23/2018
MICHAEL  added 2/23/2018, 8:26:20 AM by milemark
Michael T. van der Veen is a famous attorney in Philadelphia -
milemark  2/23/2018
GARY  added 2/23/2018, 8:23:22 AM by milemark
Gary Lesser is a famous attorney with the Florida law firm Lesser Law -
milemark  2/23/2018
JUN (1)  added 2/23/2018, 7:10:26 AM by Luvbug86
Junhui is a Chinese member of a kpop boy group called seventeen who goes by the stage name/nickname Jun.
Luvbug86  2/23/2018
RIN  added 2/23/2018, 7:04:53 AM by Luvbug86
Rin is a character from the series Naruto.
Luvbug86  2/23/2018
HINATA  added 2/23/2018, 6:57:21 AM by Luvbug86
I didn't know this was a unisex name. I definitely wouldn't name a boy this.
Luvbug86  2/23/2018
EDWINA  added 2/23/2018, 6:26:28 AM by Luvbug86
Horrible name to give to a girl. Just name her Erica or Emma.
Luvbug86  2/23/2018
ED  added 2/23/2018, 6:24:16 AM by Luvbug86
Edward Elric was occasionally called Ed in the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood)
Luvbug86  2/23/2018
JAYDE  added 2/23/2018, 6:17:29 AM by Luvbug86
The spelling looks weird to me and I'm pretty sure it'll get misspelled all the time. Stick with Jade.
Luvbug86  2/23/2018
SPENCER  added 2/23/2018, 5:14:22 AM by Anonymous User
While traditionally a mens name, it is not unusual to hear of women with this name. It should be considered a Unisex name.
― Anonymous User  2/23/2018
JACQUELINE  added 2/23/2018, 5:03:16 AM by jacquelinep06
After seeing theses comments I'm am so happy and these made my day thank you everyone *btw my name is Jacqueline*
jacquelinep06  2/23/2018
MEHDI  added 2/23/2018, 2:48:49 AM by Yalchin
The meaning of Mehdi in the Azeri Language is breeze
Yalchin  2/23/2018
MEHDI  added 2/23/2018, 2:47:17 AM by Yalchin
The meaning of Mehdi in the Azeri Language is breeze
Yalchin  2/23/2018
LONDON  added 2/23/2018, 2:27:30 AM by Mellycolly
So many nasty people here leaving ugly comments
Mellycolly  2/23/2018
CARLOS  added 2/23/2018, 12:50:39 AM by That70sShowGeek
Carlos is a character in the book series (and subsequent animated television series) The Magic School Bus.

That70sShowGeek  2/23/2018
LEO  added 2/23/2018, 12:47:26 AM by That70sShowGeek
Leo is Hyde's boss on the wonderful sitcom That '70s Show. He's played by Tommy Chong.
That70sShowGeek  2/23/2018
GAYLORD  added 2/23/2018, 12:36:20 AM by That70sShowGeek
Gaylord was the name of a toy "walking" dog introduced by the Ideal Toy Company in 1962.

"GayyyyyLORD! When you pull his leash, he'll walkity-walkity-walk with you! BARK! BARK!" (That song always plays in my mind when I hear this name. Not a kid of the sixties, just like to watch old toy commercials on YouTube.)
That70sShowGeek  2/23/2018
CHRISTINA  added 2/23/2018, 12:33:06 AM by That70sShowGeek
Someone mentioned that Telly Savalas and Katherine Nicolaides had a daughter named Christina. Well, she was named after Telly's mother, Christina (Kapsalis) Savalas, who was an artist.

Also, Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis had a daughter named Christina. He named his world-famous yacht "Christina" after her.
That70sShowGeek  2/23/2018
LANCE  added 2/23/2018, 12:29:01 AM by That70sShowGeek
Lance is a brand of crackers. They make cracker brands like Toast Chee, Nip Chee, and Captain's Wafers.
That70sShowGeek  2/23/2018
OLIVE  added 2/23/2018, 12:27:55 AM by That70sShowGeek
Singer Marie Osmond's full name is Olive Marie Osmond. Also, her mother's name was Olive May (Davis) Osmond.
That70sShowGeek  2/23/2018
DONALD  added 2/23/2018, 12:24:09 AM by That70sShowGeek
Two more famous bearers: singing stars Donald Clark "Donny" Osmond and Donald Edmond "Donnie" Wahlberg Jr.
That70sShowGeek  2/23/2018
VIOLET  added 2/23/2018, 12:14:28 AM by That70sShowGeek
Shy Violet is one of Rainbow Brite's friends.
That70sShowGeek  2/23/2018
EUDORA  added 2/23/2018, 12:09:18 AM by That70sShowGeek
Eudora is a character in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. She is good friends with Charlie Brown's little sister Sally.
That70sShowGeek  2/23/2018
MARCIE  added 2/23/2018, 12:07:56 AM by That70sShowGeek
Marcie is a character in the comic strip Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz. She's Peppermint Patty's best friend, and has a crush on "Charles", aka Charlie Brown.
That70sShowGeek  2/23/2018
SEBASTIAN  added 2/22/2018, 11:40:52 PM by Chokopup
The boy in The Neverending Story was named Bastian. The movie really helped people pronounce the name correctly. It's my maiden name and we have been called Bas-stain many times in the past. It's wonderful to have people recognize the name. Put an "Se" in front of it and everyone seems to be able to pronounce it.
Chokopup  2/22/2018
BALDO  added 2/22/2018, 10:39:26 PM by Lucille
In Italian, Baldo is not always a short form of masculine Germanic given names that contain the element 'bald' meaning "bold, brave". Sometimes it is also a short form of Baldassarre, which is the Italian form of Balthazar. See also:

- (in Italian)
- Baldassare Di Maggio (b. 1954), an Italian maffioso who is also known as Baldo and Balduccio: (in Italian)
- Baldassarre "Baldo" Di Lieto:
Lucille  2/22/2018
FLORIAN  added 2/22/2018, 9:10:41 PM by Aurora-2
Personally, I named my son Florian since it's unique and also one of few names that sounds the same in the various languages of our family. With very common names ourselves, we also wanted to avoid our son running into the situation of having the same name as multiple classmates or coworkers and also not too strange or unpronounceable.

Interestingly "Florian" still carries a lot of different stigma - but not the same ones as for English speakers(floral, feminine, girly?). For example, for my Czech family, it's a common family (last) name and sounds odd to them as a first name. The Belgian part of the family likes "Florian" but find it outdated... wasn't it popular in 1920's-40's :) they say? Then the French Canadian branch ironically find the name a bit too snobby and European sounding.

Apparently the name "Florian" will always have a hard time.
Mind you its overly popular in Austria, Poland, perhaps Denmark and elsewhere etc!

Anyway, I like it, plus it has the great nickname of "Flo"
Aurora-2  2/22/2018
DESIRAE  added 2/22/2018, 8:59:02 PM by DesireeR.
Desiree is the correct spelling - it's not a name to be creative with - it's a French name and it became popular when the book Desiree by Annemarie Selinko and the movie Desiree with Marlon Brando & Jean Simmons came out! I really hate it when people try to twist and change the name. My name is Desiree far as I'm concerned it's the only way to spell it. Desiree Clary was Napoleon Bonapart's fiancee before he married Josephine. She went onto become the Queen of Sweden and Norway.
DesireeR.  2/22/2018
ADAMINA  added 2/22/2018, 7:01:37 PM by Goldcrown
Very unusual indeed it would be good as a middle name in my opinion.
Goldcrown  2/22/2018
WILFREDA  added 2/22/2018, 6:54:07 PM by Goldcrown
Interesting name for sure Iv never seen it used sadly.
Goldcrown  2/22/2018
JESSALYN  added 2/22/2018, 5:31:28 PM by Anonymous User
My name is Jessalyn. Like a few people said above, I have never found a person with the same name as me. I think it's quite pretty, and my parents named me it specifically because it was unique.
― Anonymous User  2/22/2018
ANDRASTE  added 2/22/2018, 5:09:27 PM by AndrasteIsolde
Andy for short!
AndrasteIsolde  2/22/2018