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Member since   March 10, 2005
Real name Just call me "Hey, You!"
Hi! Thanks for checking out my profile. I'm a born-again Christian, and my goal is to share my hobby (names) with others while being a good reflection of my Savior, Jesus Christ.
Wife to my husband, mother to 4 fantastic children: "Penny," "Teddy," "Genny," and "Jamey." Always remembering two babies I will never hold, "Felicitie" and "Amos," miscarried 05/26/07 and 07/07/08.
My darling PPs are as follows. !!!!!!Carmina Lorraine, Ivah Marie, Gloriana Celeste, Ronan Barclay, Clive Ian, Amos Logan, ~~Matilda Jane, Vannie Lawrence, and ????? Benedict Loyal, Dashiell Merit, Genevieve Ruby, Aurelia Pearl, Cornelius True

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