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Here are the answers to some of my polls:

The name Danielle indicates someone who:Danielle is funny and likes to laugh, does well in school, is thin, has less than two siblings, and has blond or red hair.

The name Jennifer indicates someone who...Jennifer is thin, has black/brown hair, and is always late

The name Janel indicates someone who...Janel has brown/black hair, is single, has a rich boyfriend/husband, and is less than 45 years old

Which couples sound best? Three are couples I know Tori and Jason, Donnie and Todd, and Laura and Bryan

What age is Meghan Marie? Meghan is 8-10

What age is Nicole Elizabeth? Nicole is 11-14

You would enjoy a book most if the main charactor had the name: The story I am writing has 3 main charactors, Akwar, Jenivive, and Candice

Which people are related?Nicole and Meghan

Who is Danielle's brother?Timothy

Who is Jen's brother?Ben

Who is Meghan's sister? Nicole

Who are Kathleen's brothers? Pat and John

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