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Member since   February 9, 2012
Real name Alice
Location Where the sky meets the sea, and all things become one.
Birthday November 4, 1995
Hi, I'm Alice, but I usually go by Lesley online. =3

I'm a writer, and I usually come on BtN when I need to name a new character. Most of my things are Low Fantasy, but I've also dabbled in Science Fiction. I also do still life and nature photography as a hobby, and I love dogs, birds, reptiles and bugs of all kinds. Among my other interests are mythology, world culture and peacekeeping philosophy. Overall, I'm a quiet, thoughtful and incredibly lazy poetic intellectual. I'll stick my neck out for complete strangers, but I'm also a procrastinator and I tend to avoid confrontations when possible. Name-wise, I have a weakness for Scottish and Asian-Indian, and I most adore Alastair, Evangeline and Eoin over all.

Oh, and I'm obsessed with dragons. Can't get enough dragons.

I'm pretty laid-back and friendly, so I'll talk to anyone. If you think there's something we can talk about, don't hesitate to give me a buzz!

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