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♥ My nicknames are both SilverSatan and Miki. I like drawing and writing Fanfictions. I love horror, splatter, tortures, witches, demons, spirits, witchcraft, occult, Goth fashion and Victorian style, paranormal and similar stuff. I express my opinions on awesome names. ♥

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@ GRiM4 2/14/2019

Dude, calm down.
I just said I really like Gertrud/Gertrude/Gert. I think they are feminine, strong, and they sound like a beautiful and gorgeous queen's name. And I don't say this because "queen is older than princess", or because I see Gertrude as an old lady's name. I think this because, in my opinion, Gertrude is a cool name which fits a queen, who is more powerful and strong than a princess.
There is a character I like who is named Gertrud, and she is awesome. Her name totally fits her.
I honestly don't like Trudy and I prefer Gert.
And if you talk about Ella, I don't like it neither. I prefer Elly, Ellie and similar names. I dislike Tyler too.
This is just my opinion. If you don't agree, it's okay. No need to be aggressive.
I don't really understand why you attack people just because they like a name that you dislike.
I wonder what's the point of hating a name this much.
Oh, and the name Gertrude does not really sound like vomiting. Just no.
Awful name.
I think Oktavia is better, even if the sound is the same. Anyway it's a really elegant and noble name, it would fit a strong and noble woman.