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I am personally not offended by the name. I just think long term it's not a wise decision: the same way we just had an ethical debate whether or not this will be a name is what your kid is going to go through overtime as they interact with others. My issue with names is the long term goal of them going through college, getting a house, a job and meeting friends. Unfortunately a lot of people may not invest in your kid with a name like that because it can be an HR issue. Even if it's not their own fault, so I personally just think it's not fair on the kid.
To anonymous user, no I don't think using Elizabeth if your wife's name is Isabel is too much. Most people don't even realize it's a translation of the same name. I honestly think that's a beautiful homage to your wife and shouldn't be that big of a deal. Both are fine names to have and most people really don't critique names on that level to even create that connection. This may have come a little late but if you want to name your daughter Elizabeth than it shouldn't be a problem. I personally thought it would be a nice mother and daughter name.
I love this name because of Natalie Dormer but there's a sensuality to this name that can't be placed. I love this name dearly and if I ever decided that I want to have a second kid it would be Natalie after Dormer. This name can be perfect for a starlet, girl next door, a career girl or a woman who's older. It ages well and can be used on all types of women.