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I appreciate Viola Juliette, I think this name still have that old hollywood glamour. Wither this becomes popular or not, I still use it. It's my favorite girls name.
Hushpuppy, convenient that you pick geography related last names, I can give examples how Georgia doesn't have to sound like it's a map: Georgia Taylor, Georgia Darling, Georgia Collins and Georgia Swift. That doesn't sound like states, I think Georgia is a beautiful name and it sounds really sweet. It's a classic and it doesn't or shouldn't matter that it's becoming popular. All that matters is that you like it as a name.
I personally don't care about the Spanish interpretation for Viola. In all reality the translated isn't any different from English: Violada or Violated? Like to be honest if that wasn't the case there's a million names from different cultures that are offensive to Americans and vice versa. So I am not going to pay any mind to those comments because I still think this is a great name. People need to stop obsessing on translations to cultures that they will never learn the language for. Let's be real, most of us are never going to leave our state or country and if we do it's one similar to the ones we grow up in. I feel we stop valuing names because we like them and want to see that for our kid and start becoming obsessed with one cares. I feel as long as the name can be pronounced, read, spelled and you can see that for your child to live and use when interacting with other children, it shouldn't be an issue.