Profile for AET

Member since   February 8, 2006
Real name Alisa
Location New Zealand
I live in New Zealand
I'm more a fan of the sound of a name than the meaning, though a really good meaning can really win me over
I have 3 brothers
I was married in 2010
I have 10 nieces and nephews (with an 11th on the way)
I have 2 cats, Estella Velcro "Stella" and Mercedes Plum "Sadie"

My punctuation pets:

~ : Astrid Lucia, Alba Phoebe, Andromeda Lux, Castor Onyx and Pollux Cole.

! : Olive Valentine, Sienna Theodora, Indigo Kathleen, Scarlett Aurelia, Lilac Genevieve, Asher Peregrine and Hector Aubergine.