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Well, I doubt anyone's noticed, but I'm back. Only temporarily though. Just to leave this message and then I'm GONE.
Just wanted to say that I am deeply disappointed. I thought I could discuss writing and name origins here with lots of other proud nerds, but no. This site is just as stupidly clique-ish as every other place. Everyone just agrees with people who bluntly state their not-so-nice opinion, and posts that aren't "in the correct forum" aren't even looked at. I never made friends here because you all had those stupid inside jokes and ganged up on me when I misinterpreted something. Because I'm supposed to somehow know when you're joking and "take a chill pill." Well I'm sick of cliques, especially on the Internet and ESPECIALLY when it means criticisms, which are hard enough to take as it is, become GROUP EFFORTS and are no longer constructive but DEstructive.
It is for all these reasons that I bid you adieu. Drop me a line if this bites you. :)

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