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I got an account on this site to try to find names for the characters of my book. I am completely open to suggestions and will be posting character profiles in order for people to be even more helpful in naming my characters perfectly.

Currently I have named my main characters Samael(Sam) and Ava, and they are most likely set in stone. I've also named one of the villans Bethany, though I'm not positive her name will stay Bethany for long.

Girls:Camille, May, Alea(Ah-lay-a), Belle, Brynn, Elsie, Gwen, Lana, Nicole, Peace/Harmony/etc., Roxanne or Vixen (Roxie or Vixie), Sarah, October(Toby), Sherry, Sonia, Tara

Boys: Peter, Alex, Caleb, Flynn, Shawn, Ian, Jude, Justin, Lenard(Leo), Max, Quinn, Russell, Theodore, Todd, William

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