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Member since   March 8, 2009
Real name Ashlie Lynn (Ashers)
Location America
Birthday July 9, 1991
The names Ashlie, and I'm an Author/Fashion Designer/everything else, lol. I'm technically seventeen years old, and still a junior in highschool- yeah, I know...

I'm mostly Irish, German, French, English, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and I believe I have Native American lineage somewhere down the family tree, lol.

Ever since I remebered (or maybe its because I'm the astrological sign Cancer, lol) I've been interested in etymology, history, all that nostalgic kinda stuff.

I know my name isnt as fascinating as some, but oh well. I love it! I feel like I could definitely start up an Ashley/Ashleigh/Ashlee/Ashlie club! And I would have the biggest club around! Go me! lol!