Nobody has personal home pages anymore. Online identity is now a brand choice -- FaceBook, MySpace or whatever is coming next. I still have this old page though, which I originally built with my own two fingers many years ago.

A good home page gives a brief bio, so ... my name is Mike Campbell; I was born in the mid-70s in Tofino, a tiny town on the west coast of Vancouver Island; I live in Victoria at the very south of the island with my wife Tara and our young daughter. I work from my home for a small software company called AKTIV Software. Hobbies include doing puzzles, drawing, writing, playing hockey, and listening to trippy music.

As a true data nerd, I'm interested in the collection, storage, manipulation and display of (what I consider) fascinating data. What do I consider fascinating? Linguistics and human languages, onomastics, history, mythology, and philosophy -- especially epistemology and theology.

My linguistics/history project on the web is
Behind the Name.
It is a look at the etymology and history behind first names.

I have also begun work on
Behind the Surname
which focuses on last names.

A neat project that I've been heavily involved in through AKTIV Software
It is a database of user-created algorithms which can be executed online.

I have a collection of corporations called
which I hope will become collaborative.

My experiments with the Java programming language led to
which is not the most original name, as it turns out. Anyways, it is a version of Tetris that can be played online. Fairly plain by today's standards, but it's got a few extras.


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I can be contacted at .

This page came into being on the 17th of December, 1995.