Netris Instructions

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You need the free Java Plug-in (version 1.3) for your browser. If it doesn't automatically load, you can get it from Sun's page.


Left / Right / Down Arrow Keys : move your piece
Right Arrow Key : rotates your piece
Space : drops your piece

Special Blocks

     Cyan block : water drop : fills a bunch of blocks around where it lands
     Magenta block : bomb : destroys a bunch of blocks around where it lands
     Dark Gray block : anvil : compresses where it lands
     Light Gray block : drill : clears the column below where it lands
     White block : ice : fills a line where it lands
     Dark Green block : money bag : doubles the score received when it is included in a line

Other Pieces

Because the special blocks make the game a little bit easier, some tricky-shaped blocks have been added to balance them out.


* Each money bag block      included in the lines you clear will double the score you receive. For example, if you have three such blocks, your score will be eight times as high.
* Using special blocks it is possible to get more than four lines at one time!
* The score received increases exponentially based on (i) the number of lines you get at one time, and (ii) the level you are at.

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