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It is true that lady Aisha was one of the wives of prophet Muhammad peace upon him, all sources agree on that. But what most sources deny is saying that she went to war against Ali the son of Talib God be pleased of him. Please, it would be best to leave mentioning one point of view and shun the other one. Saying that she was the wife of prophet Muhammad is enough. No need for information taken from questioned sources. To put it simple, only mention what all agree on.

Now, as for the individual named Atarah Derek, I believe the site is not to make your personal impressions and try to force your understanding of a story on others. The site isn't a place to corrupt the picture of others and provoke people to form a negative impression about them. So, with due respect, if you want to discuss what you think of lady Aisha's marriage with prophet Muhammad then it would be best to find a forum or a paltalk room. Such things are irrelevant here.
Black  4/25/2013
Aisha also is a misspelling of the country Asia, and another way to spell the country. Also a derivative meaning of a person born in Asia.
Most predominantly a female name given to baby girls.
It also fits well with African American races as well as Asians.
Flower06  9/28/2015

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