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It can be pronounced as either "Eye-shə" or "i-EE-shə" as both pronunciations are valid/authentic in Arabic.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2015
I've only ever heard it pronounced Ay-sha and Eye-sha. Personally, I can't chose which way I like it best (but I would spell it Aysha) :)
threevelvetbullets  9/28/2012
I pronounce Aisha ah-EE-sha.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2009
My name is Aesha, and is indeed pronounced "eye-E-sha"; of course, that's not to say that "ay-sha" isn't the way someone else pronounces it. I've actually known of 3 other Aisha/Ieshas, and they pronounced it the same way as me.
Aesha  1/19/2009
I have never heard this name pronounced 'ai-ee-sha.' In my area, it's always pronounced 'AY-sha.'
jimmie  4/12/2008
Pronounced "Eye-sha".
Karcoolka  2/21/2008

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