GENDER: Masculine
Meaning & History
Spanish form of a Germanic name, perhaps ALFHER. Verdi used this name in his opera 'The Force of Destiny' (1862).
Related Names
OTHER LANGUAGES: Alfher (Ancient Germanic), Alfarr (Ancient Scandinavian), Oliver (Croatian), Oliver (Czech), Oliver (Danish), Olivier (Dutch), Oli, Oliver, Ollie (English), Alvar, Oliver (Estonian), Alvar, Oliver (Finnish), Olivier (French), Oliver (German), Olivér (Hungarian), Oliviero (Italian), Oliver (Macedonian), Noll (Medieval English), Olivier (Medieval French), Oliver (Norwegian), Oliwier (Polish), Oliver (Serbian), Oliver (Slovak), Alvar, Oliver (Swedish)
United States  ranked #901 
Catalonia  ranked #35 
Chile  ranked #42 
Spain  ranked #5