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In Norwegian, it's pronounced "Oh-guh".
lunalovegood  7/9/2007
"Age" means how old you are.
bananarama  11/29/2008
Dear bananarama, what on earth does that have to do with the name ÅGE? It's irrelevant.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2009
Do not name your child this in an English-speaking country, please. Age is not the best 'word name' to have, because in English 'age' means how old you are.
-Julia-  8/21/2009
To add to my above comment [I apologize for a double comment] I know ÅGE is different from the world Age. I just think some people in English speaking countries might misread it as the word Age.
-Julia-  10/23/2009
It's pronounced AW-kuh in Norwegian and AW-uh in Danish. It has definitely nothing to do with the English word "Age"!
Caprice  11/3/2010
Åge Aleksandersen is the only Åge that comes to mind. He's a Norwegian rock and roll singer.
welovejamesarness  6/29/2012
Age is a common girl name in Estonia. I used to love a girl named Age once. [noted -ed]
karlsson3  3/22/2015

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