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The "Å" in Åsa is pronounced like the "A" in "all".
Ylva  1/30/2006
No, I think that "Å" sounds like the "o" in "shop".
Dahlis  4/2/2006
No, the Å-sound is longer than the O-sound in shop. Like "au" in Paul.
Ylva  4/13/2006
In the book "The Uncivil War" the lead character is Asa (without the special A) and her rival had an uncle named Asa.
Little-Beeps  4/17/2006
Assa (with double "s") in Persian means "demure".
AMKH  4/3/2008
This name is also used in Norway.
blessed-bee  10/18/2011
Åsa Nilla Maria Fischer is a Swedish footballer for VfL Wolfsburg and the Swedish national team. She was previously the captain of LdB FC Malmö. Fischer won most of her caps for Sweden as a defensive midfielder after her debut versus Norway in January 2001. Approaching a century of appearances, she was converted to a centre back by coach Pia Sundhage in 2013.
cutenose  5/11/2017

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