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Never seen Alice spelled this way.
savings  10/21/2009
This is my name. I say it like ah-leece. It is a very pretty French name and that is why my parents named me it.
Aalis Lisette Marion  11/23/2010
Well... I much, much, much prefer Alice. This looks like a made up "kre8tiv" spelling of such a beautiful and classic name.
― Anonymous User  2/26/2013
Well, if the above poster read the description, they would see that this is not a made up spelling, but the medieval French form of the name.
thesnowwhiterose  5/4/2013
Pronounced AY-lish
I think Allie would be a nice nickname for Aalis (or Aali, if you want the spelling to reflect the original name)
Means "noble type".
juliared24  6/9/2013
I think that Aalis is a fantastic version of Alice; sturdy, and somehow more interesting. Unfortunately, the spelling alone suggests (however wrongly) that it is "kre8tiv." It is still wonderful, though.
Francesca  10/1/2013
The name Aalis is more commonly spelled Aélis. It is considered an Occitan form of the name Alice as well as a medieval derivate of Adélaïde.

It was somewhat common in the middle Ages and some French noblewomen bore the name:

Aélis de Louvain, Aélis de Normandie, Aélis de Blois, Aélis de France...
Valmont  1/20/2016

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