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I will always associate this name with love and kindness, because I heard that the Taj Mahal was built as a tomb for Shahjahan's lover after she died. It's a beautiful building, and a very romantic story.
shahjahan  1/11/2016
Pronounced AAH-moo.
Yippal  7/30/2009
The name isn't exactly common, but it doesn't sound bizarre, even though it's a very common Finnish word. I wouldn't name my daughter after the part of the day that I hate, though, ha ha.
slight night shiver  5/14/2008
This is a very nice name, I really like its soft sound and fresh meaning. I also agree with slight night shiver in that Aamu doesn't sound odd, even though it is quite a rare name (with a little over 800 bearers as of writing, over 700 (!) of them born in the 21st century).
It does, however, remind me of the Finnish words 'ammu' (informal way of saying 'cow') and 'ammuu' ('moo') because of my not quite perfect spelling skills, so I'm not sure if I could actually call my daughter Aamu.
Louska  1/31/2015
I won't ever use this name, it seems too out-there for me.
― Anonymous User  2/3/2008
If you use it, you'll be granting your child a lot of individuality, and uniqueness. Plus the meaning is nice.
spaz123  9/15/2007
AAMU is the acronym for Alabama Agricultural and Mechanial University, a land grant college in Normal, AL.
― Anonymous User  7/30/2007
I like the meaning of this name.
Luangi  4/9/2007
I really like Finnish names -- the extra vowels always makes the name seem like it belongs to someone extra-energetic. Aamu could be a cool variant on "Aaron" for a parent.
lunalovegood  3/25/2007

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