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There always seems to be a lot of confusion between the pronunciation differences of Aaron, Erin, and Eireann. Aaron is pronounced A-rin (with "A" sounding like bat or cat and "rin" sounding like bin or pin). Erin is pronounced E-rin (with "E" sounding like bet or pet and "rin" sounding like bin or pin). Eireann is pronounced ER-in (with "ER" sounding like air and "in" sounding like bin or pin). That said, these pronunciations are based on a Northeastern American accent.
Mystic  6/4/2009
Pronounced "AR-awn".
MaggieSimpson  2/15/2009
My little cousin is named Aaron. Everyone except for his mom uses the 'a' sound in Mary, but she uses the 'a' sound from apple.
wicogirl8  6/10/2008
Listen to the German pronunciation of Aaron here:
_satu_  2/13/2007
Also pronounced 'Ah-ron' or 'Ahr-un' or 'Ah-run'.
RubyTuesday  3/3/2005
It is pronounced ah-hah-ron in Hebrew.
Miss Claire  1/2/2005

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