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This is an absolutely horrible spelling of the lovely name Abigail. To me, misspelling a Biblical name is like deciding one day that the word "the" should be spelled "thuh" or "thah". One of my best friends is named Abigail and I don't think she'd like to see her name spelled this way.
AndrewJKD  9/22/2005
I used to dislike this name greatly, mainly for the reason of bad associations, but also for its commonness. However, when I came across this spelling, I thought it gorgeous! "Abigayle" is, to me, much cuter than the origional "Abigail", which I myself would never use, and tolerably more modern and pleasant.
Pheadirean  4/14/2006
I don't think anybody would like the 'gay' in this name.
FairyGirl  7/25/2006
Why not FairyGirl? Not everyone is simple or homophobic.
― Anonymous User  2/1/2007
How does not wanting people to make fun of your name make someone 'simple or homophobic'?
LilaMayaNeve  11/2/2007
My name is Abigail and when I found out that some people spell it this way I found it rather hideous. Now, one of my very good friends is named Abigayle and I call her Abby-Gay-Le. She thinks it's funny and doesn't really care since we both just go by Abby and she has other less-than-cute nicknames for me.
― Anonymous User  2/16/2007
No offense, but I find this version ugly, and weird. I wish people wouldn't go screw up name like this.
spaz123  7/17/2007
I couldn't agree more with you. It's an ugly spelling of a beautiful name.
CharlieRob  7/31/2009
Terrible way to spell Abigail.
― Anonymous User  3/11/2009
This is a really odd way to spell Abigail, but I personally would use it because I love the name, and Gayle is my grandmother's name, so it would be a nice way to honor her.
― Anonymous User  4/12/2009
I prefer the traditional spelling, but this is nice.
Joy12  4/23/2011
I prefer Abigail. But this is nice.
Joy12  5/17/2011
Abigail isn't that hard to spell. This spelling makes no sense.
Buneary  1/16/2013
What a butchered spelling and it has the word 'gay' in it
No thank you...

The name is fine, but with a different spelling. Honestly.
ThatMazerunnerfan  9/5/2014
This is my sister's name, and my parents spelled it this way because they wanted her to have the same number of letters in her name as mine. They didn't want to spell it crazily (like Abbygale), so they used this. She goes by Abbi during the school year and Gayle during the summer. I like this spelling.
― Anonymous User  6/30/2015

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