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This name is actually quite pretty for a girl, maybe an alternative to Abigail with the nickname Abby.
-- Anonymous User  5/14/2006
This is also a title of a Sheryl Crow song: "Abilene", from her 2002 album C'Mon, C'Mon.
-- kanine  5/27/2006
This is also the name of a city in Texas.
-- Zinoviya  9/2/2006
In Spanish it's pronounced ah-bee-lehn-ay.
-- michi_vane  1/20/2007
Abi, Lenny, or Leeni (pronounced Lee-Ne)
-- spaz123  9/17/2007
I first heard this name from the book: "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane" by Kate Dicamillo. I loved her character and the sweetness about her, I immediately fell in love with this name.
-- marythenamefairy  9/27/2008
My family lived in Abilene, TX, and my father attended Abilene Christian College in the early 60's. The residents of Abilene, TX pronounce it AB-i-leen.
-- Anonymous User  12/23/2008
According to another site this name means "hazelnut".
-- Anonymous User  5/15/2010
This name does not mean hazelnut, but the name Aveline is a French word for it.
-- queen_vic  10/10/2015
Very sweet name, but I pronounce it ay-bill-leen. That's the only way I've ever heard it pronounced.
-- Anonymous User  1/30/2013
The name Abilene was given to 65 baby girls born in the US in 2012 :)
-- Oohvintage  7/19/2013
"ab-i-LEE-nee (English)"

-- aerynna  8/15/2014
Abilene Tulane from The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.
-- Anonymous User  6/22/2015
I love this name in contrast to lengthy Evangeline. I remember reading The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane is 2nd grade and instantly loving it.
-- al84  9/24/2015
I love the Sheryl crow song Abilene (Abbey-leen) and I have always remembered this name because of it. I like that it's unusual, yet has a well known nickname Abbie, Abi, and Lena and I guess also Billie if you pronounce it Ah-bill-een. I like that it's biblical, though if it really means grass, I'm not sure that is a good thing, as that to me just sounds like a type of marijuana. And coincidence, Sheryl crow lives in California! I would not be at all surprised if there actually is a genus of cannabis called Abilene. But aside from all that, it is a lovely name.
-- queen_vic  10/10/2015
We are naming our first daughter Abilene Rose. Which is coincidentally the name of a song by Marty Robbins. I think it's unique and beautiful.
-- econgrad09  3/26/2016

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