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We named our son (now 8) Abner. It is an unusual name with a beautiful meaning (Father of Light) & interesting Biblical story. It is also the name of an intriguing Orson Scott Card character, Abner Doon (Dune?). It sounds very 1800s to me & was definitely more common then. My son really likes his name. I like it because it is complicated & meaningful & Hebrew. It is a little difficult for people, especially little kids, to say. My son used to tell people it was Ab-en-ner just so that they could say it. Now some of his cousins still call him that :).
MarieGPalmer  5/21/2016
Abner Snopes is a character in Faulkner's famous story Barn Burning.
sarahinman  12/30/2011
The nosy neighbour's husband (the Kratiz's) in the TV show Bewitched is named Abner.
JungKyungSoon  12/9/2007
"Lil' Abner" was a comic strip that used to run in the United States. It starred Li'l Abner Yokum and was about dumb hillbillies.
breakofday  1/2/2006

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