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The original Hebrew version of Abraham was Avraham.
― Anonymous User  8/20/2005
Abraham = Ab Rahab ? (of the sea?)
nastler  9/22/2005
The first occurence known of the name Abraham is Ab-ra-mu, and was found on clay tablets in cuneiform writings at the Ebla site, an important city of ancient Syria, in around 2500 B.C. Other biblical names were also common at that time such as E-sa-um ( = Esau ), Ish-ma-ilu ( = Ishmael), Is-ra-ilu ( = Israel), Da-'u'dum ( = David) and Sa-'u-lum ( = Saul).

More can be found at: .
fbrunel  3/21/2006
Please compare and add these words to the above meanings behind Abraham:

Brahim in Morocco and Algiers.

Bahram:in Farsi (Persian)

Pedram: in Farsi (Persian) and Zoroastrian Culture

Vahram: in Farsi (Persian) and Zoroastrian Culture

Bairam: in Azeri and Turkish esp. in their legends.

Brahma: in Indian Culture

Brahmin: in Indian Culture

I believe they (Farsi, Azeri, Zoroastrian and especially Indian versions have a strong relation with the so-called Semitic word of Abraham)

Etymologists should review their Classic opinions about Abraham.

Please look at:
keshanigh  3/19/2018

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