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In Greek mythology, the acacia tree symbolizes immortality and resurrection.
ariadne  1/16/2005
A Greek name, Akakia (f) Akakios (m), from the Greek word akakia, meaning not bad, good. (a-kakos, non-good).
Damis  3/3/2005
An acacia is a tree.
― Anonymous User  6/23/2006
Acacia is a genus of shrubs and trees belonging to the subfamily Mimosoideae of the family Fabaceae, first described in Africa by the Swedish botanist Linnaeus in 1773.

Acacias are also known as thorntrees or wattles, including the yellow-fever Acacia and umbrella acacias.
LMS  7/30/2007
Acacia is also the feminine form of Acacius. There should probably be a separate entry created for that one.
Lucille  2/19/2013
The ark of the covenant was made from Acacia wood. Very important wood to Jews & Christians in the Bible. It is a lovely sounding name and cool meaning in my opinion. Casey could be a nice nickname, especially if it sounds too odd or exotic to you.
samwise317  10/29/2016

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