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Lucius Mummius was a Roman statesman and general. He later received the agnomen Achaicus.
LMS  7/30/2007
The proper latinized form of the Greek given name Achaikos is actually Achaecus, not Achaicus. After all, -ai- in Greek becomes -ae- in Latin. There are several examples of this in the main database, such as:

- Alkaios becomes Alcaeus in Latin;
- Daidalos becomes Daedalus in Latin;
- Eirenaios becomes Irenaeus in Latin;
- Hephaistos becomes Hephaestus in Latin;
- Phaidros becomes Phaedrus in Latin;
- Timaios becomes Timaeus in Latin.

So, it seems to me that Achaicus is a semi-latinized form at best.

Also, a variant form of Achaikos is Achaiikos (also variantly spelled as Akhaiikos), which is latinized to Achaeicus.

- (in English).
Lucille  12/13/2016

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