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Why can't they say it means princess?
bibi66  4/5/2007
Just because you are the king's daughter does not make you a princess. You have to be crowned a princess.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2007
This name is very pretty it can be pronounced ah-da-yez or Ah-dah-ay-zay.
― Anonymous User  1/9/2010
This is the name of one of my friends. She pronounces it DAY-zee. Apparently, the "a" is silent.
bedamijo  10/29/2011
DAY-zee is the American pronunciation and ah-DAH-zee is the traditional pronunciation.
bedamijo  11/12/2011
I believe this name is pronounced ah-DEH-zeh.
amphorean  9/30/2014
We named my granddaughter Adaeza so that English speakers would pronounce it correctly, ah-DEH-zeh.
sliderusa  11/4/2016
Pronounced A-days.
― Anonymous User  11/3/2017
Why would anybody adjust the pronunciation or spelling of anything in our culture to accommodate them? They must bear the burden of learning our way, not the other way around. Not to be rude but this is how culture erodes!
obi_1183  2/26/2018

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