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Adalia is pronounced ADA-LEE-AA not ADA-LIE-AH.
― Anonymous User  3/16/2006
I was pronouncing it uh-DAHL-ee-uh.
claraelizabethann  3/29/2006
We pronounce our daughter's name to rhyme with "Australia" and "Azalea".

Uh-DAY-lee-uh or uh-DAILY-uh

But her nickname is "Day-Day".
bobpom1  9/9/2015
Hello! My name is Adalia. I am a female and I pronounce it "uh-DAHL-ee-uh". Also, I know it was originally a male's name however, I think it sounds feminine and I have met two other Adalias who are female. One pronounced it the same as I do (uh-DAHL-ee-uh) and the other "ah-dahl-ya" (she also said it with a Spanish accent). :) Hope this helps to clear up any confusion.
RiversRunRed  3/15/2016
I like this name pronounced like Uh-Dahl-yuh, same as Amelia uh-meal-yuh.
LV51sfan91  3/23/2018

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