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Stop unnecessarily replacing Is with Ys. It doesn't make a name look more feminine when you do that.
Luvbug86  10/13/2018
Looks like someone saying Addy's son in terrible grammar.
Curious me  7/21/2018
In my opinion it does look feminine, but not in a good way. As in, it looks like a warped masculine name, that parents desperately wanted to gender swap. No offense to any Addysons or Addisons. I just really dislike this spelling; I have mixed feelings for Addison as well.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2018
Addison is a wonderful name and adding y makes it even better. No one should ever say the awful things that are on here because I bet all those people are jealous they don't have a name as great as this one, also if you add a y it definitely makes it more feminine.
agsummers12  9/19/2017
Oh wonderful. Another masculine name with a slaughtered and "feminized" spelling variation.
It may be difficult for some to comprehend but 'Addison' will always sound masculine regardless of how you choose to spell it. Plus, Addison is the better spelling anyway no matter what gender you choose to place it on.

For a GIRL: Adaline\Adeline, Adelaide, Addy\Addie, Adelina. Alison\Allison\Alyson\Allyson, the only 'son' suffix name that is actually suitable on girls.
― Anonymous User  2/20/2017
If you prefer Addy spelling go this route. Looks more modern! And takes away the surname look and feel.
LV51sfan91  4/5/2015
Terrible! Adding a Y doesn't make it more feminine.
merilwen  7/15/2012

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