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Would this be pronounced uh-DAY-luh?
claraelizabethann  3/29/2006
It is pronounced Uh Dell- Uh.
emiliana94  8/5/2006
Famous bearers are moderators Adéla Gondíková and Adéla Banašová.
Ronja  1/29/2007
Pronounced as "AH-dai-lah".
Maggie_Simpson  11/1/2007
My attempt on bringing it into the pronunciation code: AH-de:-lah.
HanaB  2/5/2008
Footballer Petr Čech and Martina Dolejšová have a daughter Adéla Čechová, born 23th January 2008 in Prague.
Emilie007  6/23/2008
An old Czech form is Adléta.
Emilie007  8/29/2008

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