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Adelline is my name and I like to pronounce it like Adel-line.
― Anonymous User  3/16/2017
This was my gramma's middle name. She pronounced it AD-A-LINE. But she was named after her Aunt who was a French American so it was probably pronounced AD-A-LEEN by her. Most people I know pronounce it like gramma.
rccp12  12/27/2010
The English pronunciation (AD-ə-lien) should be added to the main page by the webmaster ASAP. [noted -ed]
JJSkeete  7/29/2010
In French, the pronunciation of Adeline is the same as in English ~ a-də-LEEN.
shotgun_wedding  3/12/2010
One of my favorite names! I pronounce it "ah-deh-lien."
ningyorose  3/29/2009
The pronunciation of Adeline in French should be a-de-LEEN, rather than a-du-LEEN, as the "e" is between two consonants.
wordybookworm  5/24/2008

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