Names Related to Adella

Names that are related to ADELLA:
AADA   f   Finnish
ADALYN   f   English (Modern)
ADALYNN   f   English (Modern)
ADÉL   f   Hungarian
ADÉLA   f   Czech
ADELA   f   English, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Ancient Germanic
ADÈLE   f   French
ADELE   f   German, English, Italian, Finnish
ADELIA   f   English, Spanish
ADELINA   f   Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, German, Ancient Germanic (Latinized)
ADELINE   f   French, English
ADELITA   f   Spanish (Latin American)
ADELLA   f   English
ADELLE   f   English
ADELYN   f   English (Modern)
ALENE   f   English
ALIN   m   Romanian
ALINA (2)   f   Romanian, German, Italian, Polish
ALINE   f   French, English, Portuguese
ALITA   f   Spanish (Latin American)
DELIA (2)   f   English
DELLA   f   English