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The name Adria was given to 73 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/13/2016
This is also a name in the Romani (Gypsy) language.
Wierka  2/15/2011
Thinking that this gorgeous name must be a recent one, since I hadn't heard it before, I searched the British birth records online for it, between 1837 and 1915. There were 89.
The earliest was Adria Stockwell Browne (1839). Other early ones included Adria Hawkins (1843), Adria Fielder (1853), Adria Ashman Williams (1859), and the rather splendidly named Adria Eliza Dulcibella Ford (1861).
Best of all, these names were not mistranscribed by a clerk or typist, as proves sometimes the case when you can look at the original image.
This established usage of Adria makes the name a real winner in my view. It is reminiscent of Julia in form, and so not "missing an ending", not an incomplete Adriana.
I noticed that many early bearers were in the English West Country as well as London.
Jonquil  4/21/2009

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