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The Random House College Dictionary (with a section of English-given names in the back) says that "Adrian" means "of the Adriatic Sea."
Jordania  7/27/2005
Connotation for the name Adrian means "dark, rich".
― Anonymous User  4/10/2006
Adrian means "dark" in Latin.
aedrin  4/9/2007
This name is also Greek.
deatheater1408  7/6/2009
Adrian was originally Ancient Latin for dark but it didn't mean it as a shade or absence of light. It meant it as attractive physical features. This association comes from the ancient Roman emperor Hadrian who was regarded as a good ruler and humanist. He rebuilt the Pantheon and constructed Hadrian's Wall and The Temple of Venus & Rome.
This meaning is why many popes chose this name.
saxe2600  9/15/2016

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