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Adriano Leite Ribeiro, commonly known as simply Adriano, is a former Brazilian professional footballer who last played for Miami United. A talented and powerful striker, Adriano's career has however been marked by inconsistency. His main titles are four Scudetti for Inter Milan, two Brasileirão for Flamengo and for Corinthians and a FIFA Confederations Cup and Copa América for Brazil. During his time in Italy, he earned the nickname L'Imperatore.
cutenose  2/23/2017
In Brazil, the name Adriano peaked in popularity in the 70s, still popular though with less intensity in the 80s and becoming less used in the following decades. Currently, as sampling, we can mention that in the state of São Paulo, in 2014, according to Arpen / SP, there were 162 boys named Adriano.
In addition, there were 327 boys and even called Adrian, 12 boys called Hadrian.
Note that despite the fall in popularity and having been replaced by other names considered most modern, Adriano is still being used moderately, with some variations.
julianazalamena  9/3/2015
Italian Pronunciation:


"A" is always pronounced as the "A" in "Father." Roll your "R." Follow by stressing the "I" in "Dri" to "EE." Once again, "A" as in "Father." "No" is as usual, "Noh."
Francesca  5/18/2011
This really is a nice name. Probably for someone with Spanish or Italian blood.
lunalovegood  7/7/2007

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