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Similar to the Saxon name, Aelle. There were several kings of this name during their dark ages' push into Britain.
-- becsug  5/20/2006
Aella is such an interesting name! I really like it and I think it's an easy way to avoid the name Ella with out completely excluding it. Ella is becoming more popular as time goes on, so Aella is a great alternate form so to speak. Also it has a really uncommon meaning. I have never seen a name that meant "Whirlwind", which is how parenthood feels sometimes! hahahA! How ironic. I hope this name gets the credit it deserves one day! =)
-- Cyneburga  10/25/2006
This name is paella without the p!
-- Hushpuppy  1/19/2007
What a nice name!
-- Luangi  4/9/2007
Pronounced AY-la (AY as in bay), like Kayla without the K. I like this a lot more then either Kayla or Ella. Variants include Ael (AYL, masculine), Aelle (AY-el), Aellia (AY-lee-ah), Aelliana (AY-lee-ah-na). Personally, I dislike Aellia and Aelliana because they sound a lot like "Alien."
-- TheLastMontague  4/10/2007
This name is soo cute! It is so different, but has the look and sound of a beautiful classic name! I think the meaning is cute too!
-- elysa  5/8/2007
In Greek mythology Heracles slew the Amazon Aella who was known for wielding a double-axe.
-- LMS  7/31/2007
Also of Irish origin, meaning 'from Ireland'.
-- Anonymous User  1/22/2008
I whole-heartedly doubt that Aella had any Irish origins, much less "from Ireland", which, by the way, is "na h√Čireann". There is no similarity between Aella and na h√Čireann, or even the Anglo-Irish name Erin. Why do people make up Irish origins for every name? It's something I just can't understand. If you don't speak the language, don't be making up meanings.
-- Anonymous User  3/30/2009
It is a pretty name, but a little too out-there for me. I would be too worried my child would be teased if I named my child this.
-- Patricia Underwood  2/2/2008
This name is actually quite beautiful, but I think people will have problems pronouncing it. ): I love it pronounced ay la.
-- Chrila96  2/5/2011
This name has the coolest meaning! Unfortunately, I think some may have trouble pronouncing it if they didn't know how to correctly say it.
-- faelivrin  5/1/2011
I have also seen it used as a surname.
-- Black_X  8/3/2011
I absolutely love the name Aella! My favorite name of all time, sweet and soft but with such strength. A beautiful choice for my hopefully future daughter.
-- DaytonK  5/23/2013
Interesting name... Aella does have a certain appeal and it's a nice alternative to the overused Ella!
-- Thalia  1/5/2014
A pretty name with an interesting meaning. It has a nice sound to it, and is better than plain Ella (which is quite nice too) in my opinion. Will consider using this name for later.
-- Thumbs  6/22/2014

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