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There is a character in Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors" named Aemilia. She is the wife of Aegeon and an abbess at Ephesus.
breakofday  7/11/2006
I am in love with this name! How wonderful! I'm so glad there is a beautiful alternate form of Amelia. I really like Amelia but it is really average. Aemilia is different and yet still goes with the flow like Amelia. Not to mention that there is almost this story book aura about it, which the last comment would explain. In my mind I see Aemilia as being this little strawberry blond girl with gorgeous green eyes that has such a catchy imagination she lives you trailing down a road of adventure. =)
Cyneburga  10/25/2006
Funny you should say that, my daughter is called Aemilia and she is how you describe your impression of Aemilia.
― Anonymous User  3/14/2007
159 Aemilia is an asteroid.
― Anonymous User  7/31/2007
Aemelia is a genus of moths.
LMS  7/31/2007
Of Latin and German origin, meaning 'rival' and 'hard-working' respectively.
― Anonymous User  1/22/2008
The ancient historian Plutarch, in his Life of Numa (VIII.9-10) claimed that the meaning of this name referred to an individual who spoke with grace and engaging charm. Aemilius was thus the additional name that King Numa bestowed upon his son Mamercus (named for a son of Pythagoras), and this name of Aemilius became the name of the patrician family of Rome descended from Mamercus.
Nanaea  6/17/2008
Pronounced EYE-milia. A classic Latin name.
dramaelf  12/15/2008

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